Friday, March 11, 2011


Our country is at stake.  I am pretty far away from the epicenter, and completely safe.  But still, people are cautious about possible tsunami.

I have not updated this place for a long time.  Many of you might think it would be better to shut down, but I still have an intention to update again.  I still check out AC360 daily and when I don't update this blog, I feel a bit guilty about it.  Simply, I have too many things to do right now.

As for the main topic, Anderson is coming to Japan.  I wish I could go to the epicenter, doing some volunteer activities and also searching him!  This is not the right to thing to say, but I'm pretty excited about seeing Anderson reporting live from Japan.


pebbles said...

Hi Mio! I'm glad you're fine. I seldom visit your website, I know you are very busy. I've been praying for your country, especially the looming nuclear threat I pray hard that we will get pass all this and that nothing really serious come out from it. I thought of you last night wondering how you were or if you were affected by the disaster. I'm glad everything is fine with you. Glad to hear an update from you again. Good luck looking for AC!


Willow said...

Nothing wrong with trying to see Anderson! ;p Gotta enjoy life! :) You can volunteer and still look for AC at the same time! ;)

This is the first time I've visited your site. Very nice. It's good to know you're okay in Japan. I'm sure Anderson will be back there as soon as possible! :)

Alexandra said...

Hi, just discover ur blog.
Well done.
Pls stay safe.

dancing_nancy said...

Hello, new here... nice blog.

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