Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview with Yoko Ono

I am not particularly a big fan of Yoko Ono, but I found the interview interesting.  Anderson fully knows what it is like to lose somebody special and compares his hardship with that of Yoko.  She sometimes sounds like she was assuaging him, which makes her look incredibly strong.

I know she is a remarkably influential person, but to me, she looks pretty weird.  I sometimes want to say to her, "You are not JOHN." Of course she is doing what John would be doing but she is not a musician but an artist.  She should have some other way to spread her message.  Now she's built "Imagine Peace Tower."  This is exactly what I, or people in the world, have expected her to do.

Interview 1
Imagine Peace Tower
It was such a nice idea to build that tower in Iceland.  The wisdom of power is spreading from the North to the world.  How wonderful!

How They Met
A superstar falling in love with somebody who doesn't know him/her is a nice story to hear.  Instead of Yoko being strongly loved by John, she suffered from being heaped too much blame on for the disband of the Beatles.  Being a Japanese woman must have excruciate her in those days.   I guess such an experience has made her even stronger.

Why Celebrate John's Birthday
To many young people, including me, John is an icon.  I even wonder if such a man ever truly existed.  He is just too influential to be an ordinary person.  (He IS an extraordinary man, of course.)  He sometimes looks like somebody created to promote world peace.  Yoko wants to focus that he existed on this planet.

Anderson, on the other hand, focuses on the day his father passed away, which he says is not a good thing.  That sounds a harrowing remark to me. To a ten-year-old boy, having such an experience is so tough that it is natural he can never efface that memory.  That day must be much more overwhelming that the days he celebrate Dad's birthday.