Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haiti -Day 2

I'm glad Anderson is back in Haiti. It's a shame people's lives have not improved as we'd expected. Just after the earthquake hit, so many countries and organizations promised to give what help we can to the country. What is happening there and how they are rebuilding the city must be reported so each one of us who've helped can tell how their money is being used. However, those help haven't reached needy people, which I found really disappointing. (As for me, I donated some money to Medicine Sans Frontier, which has successfully giving them a helping hand.)

I am kind of relieved to see Bea, that little girl who was rescued on the very day Anderson visited the city just after the earthquake. It's not just seeing people's lives in general but keeping track of how certain specific persons have been doing that I am interested in. Seeing Bea, I could tell how strong we can be under such an extreme circumstance. Her smile is strong, adorable and beautiful.

I'm also impressed with Sanjay's work. He found children in an orphanage suffering from food shortage and took quick action.