Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life and Death

In the aftermath of gigantic earthquake, first, I saw heroes, helping each other survive. Five days later, there are far more dead bodies than those surviving under rubbles. Of course all the lives are equally precious, but at this moment, they don't expect someone to be alive. This is what makes one life even more precious, giving hope to everyone.

It was heartwarming seeing a baby rescued after more than 60 hours. She may not have understood the situation, where her family members were dying around her, but her smile seemed genuinely happy. She gave us a big hope.

While there are some hope for those who are rescued, there are numerous dead bodies neglected and buried inhumanely. I remember seeing as many birds buried after the case of avian flu was detected. I felt sad seeing birds stacked and buried in one place. That was birds. This time, what I see in the site was countless numbers of human bodies. That was shocking. So shocking to me that I got frozen for a while. I did assume that they would not be identified. But under good government and organization, it is normal that who are buried there. I didn't know that in Sumatra, each of the dead bodies was pictured so that the loved ones would know how they end up their lives.

The smell must have been overwhelming and I could tell how eerie it was. I really appreciate his decision to let us see the mass grave. Really shocking but we must see. Who that see this devastation could turn a blind eye to Haiti? We are all responsible for helping them.

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