Wednesday, January 06, 2010


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Brainwashing Children

I think I've heard about terrorist school in Pakistan before, but this practice hasn't changed. It is really disturbing to see a young boy executing a criminal. They are indoctrinating innocent boys into believing that death is not something you should avoid, and that it is all right to kill themselves as it is one way to go to heaven.
Incidentally, in my English class, I showed my 14-years students Michael Jackson's live performance, in which Michael hopes happiness of children all over the world. There's a stark contrast between happy children singing together with Michael Jackson and those in Pakistan.


I couldn't take my eyes off with the TV screen when Anderson appeared on segway. He'd got a knack of it. I have never tried it yet, but I hear it is a bit tricky to handle it.

When it comes to technology, Japanese scientists are doing fairly well, but I admit we are behind those in the United States. However, it seems we have similar problem in common; young people these days are not excited about science, governments and private companies are reluctant to finance large amount of money on R&D due to recession.
I want to believe anything that is imaginable would be eventually created. We already know how time machine could be created, although it's impossible for us to move faster than the light speed. So when the scientist said he would love to see a time machine, I was very happy. They never give up creating one.

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