Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Human Nature

Forgive me for my stupid fan's point of view, but the longer Anderson stays in Port-au-Prince, the more attractive he becomes. Maybe from sadness, anger, frustration... All these experience is making him emotionally stronger, more responsible for his job, and he's become stunningly handsome.

That's what I thought at the beginning of the show. Later on, as I see more report from there, I could tell what makes him look like that.

I am an English teacher in Japan, and a few years ago, I told my students how poor Haiti is, and there were food riots there. People fought for foods, and plunder what others had. At that time, I remember seeing only a short report on a riot.

From Anderson's report on looting, I thought I saw human nature. His camera was nearly robbed People need to fight in order to survive. This is really sad, but generations later, survivors might become heroes. They might be seen as stronger ones. We all know we should help each other, but those ethics won't work when it comes to the matter of life and death.

It was a breath of fresh air to see Anderson rescue a young boy. The boy seemed severely injured but he had no time to cry. He needs to survive.

And we should not forget about Sanjay's amazing work. He works as a doctor as well as a journalist. He tells us firsthand what's going on in health center there. As time goes by, they desperately need to avoid infection. People there do not have anything and they do need food and drugs to survive. All they need is donation, even though we can not tell if all the donation reaches needy people or not, this is the only thing we can do. I personally donated via Medecins sans Frontieres. Have you given them a helping hand?


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You are so right about this--he became more attractive the longer he stayed there. I began to watch his show every night when he was in Haiti, when normally I'd have it on in the background a few times a month, but not really pay attention to it. I especially enjoyed the times in Haiti when he was really frustrated with the rescue work and wondered what the problem was. You could see his heart speaking to him/through him in those moments, and that is what is really missing on US news broadcasts. I also enjoyed the naturalness and intellect of Dr. Gupta, and their easy friendship onscreen. I've never visited your site before now, but last night I had a dream about Anderson that was very memorable (and I usually never remember any of my dreams - maybe I will remember one per year!) so I had to do some research on him on the internet tonight, to satisfy my curiosity. He was born the day before I was, in 1967 (but I look a lot younger than he does, ha ha!) Though I'm no "silver fox", I'm a blond-haired woman. I think he's really adorable and as a heterosexual woman, I wish he were not gay, but then even if he weren't gay, I'd never have a chance with him, so maybe it's for the best that he is gay, and I can just sigh from afar. :-) Take care!

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Anderson Cooper - have never seen him before until clicking next site on blogger. Interesting!