Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm back! I have posted any blog for a long time. Actually, I have several blogs, not only this one, but for my work, my diary etc., and I haven't update any of them. I knew that creating a blog that will satisfy everyone is impossible, but I had a kind of trouble in some other blogs. I didn't feel like blogging any more. After a few month, I came back on a whim and probably, I'll be updating as frequently as possible!

Mammogram Recommendations?

Compared to other developed nations, fewer women take mammogram routinely in Japan, which is why breast cancer has a high mortality rate here. When the tumor is detected in the early stage, this disease is curable but as few people take a checkup, it is usually too late when they find a cancer. I recently had a chance to talk with an obstetrician and gynecologist and learned about the need to take medical checkup. We're still encouraging people to take mammogram here, so I was surprised when I heard about the guideline in the US. I assume this is due to the economic crunch, however, prevention is more important than curing cancer patients.

As for me, I took a checkup 2 years ago and I guess I have to take one this year.