Monday, June 08, 2009

North Korea

I know it is a kind of absurd to talk about a news show broadcasted a week ago. I was planning on updating this place and took some pictures. Better late than never.

North Korea is a cause of headache for our country, what with abduction issue, nuclear programs, ballistic missiles. Among that, abduction issue is the major concern for the Japanese. Other countries give nuclear issue the first priority, which I personally believe is the right thing to do. And so, sometimes the Japanese government is frustrated when they don't take abduction issues as seriously as we expect.

And now, two American journalists were sentenced 12 years in prison, serving compulsive labor in mine lands. I have often seen on Japanese TV how inhumane they treat the inmates there. I feel sick in stomach just to recall what was reported. I think more and more people will be concerned about what's happening in NK, and I hope the country will be a better one.

As for the journalists, I think I saw a report by one of them, maybe Laura Ling(?). She appeared on 360 a few years ago, didn't she?? I was amazed by how she liked the country. She seemed so happy to be in "such a beautiful country." Japanese people tend to see NK as just an odd country and we never expect it to be beautiful. Since I saw her report, I've thought how biased our media might be. Basically, the Japanese have a hostile feeling toward NK, and so our media might like to promote prejudice.

Even so, I don't feel like showing respect to that regime.

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Anonymous said...

We don't know how they feel 'bout
mentioning serious problems you've told above)in whole world media like CNN
But I feel very shame, as one of the nation of Korean.Not only as SOUTH Korean but Korean.
yeah We had enough! Enough of that!
but it is pretty weird that we haven't been felt 'bout serious millitary strain among the people ,I think

in SK