Friday, June 26, 2009

Demise of the King

They said that it will be always remembered what you were doing when you heard the news about the death of Micheal Jackson. I was just sleeping and I got an email from a friend that informed me of the news. I was half asleep and I didn't get surprised or shocked at all. When I got out of the bed and turned on TV, I got shocked. Even though I haven't been listening to his music recently, I've always loved it. It never gets out of date.

Michal Jackson is literally the king who mesmerized people on the whole planet. I'd say he might have had as much power as Pope has in Christian world. He has been the only king and we will never have another Micheal Jackson in the future. We have such diverse music styles and everyone's preference differs from others.

I felt empathy for him when somebody, I forgot who he was, said that Michael was the loneliest man he had ever met. Even the King, who was admired by billions of people, could not fill in his loneliness. The more powerful you become, the less people you can trust, which is really a sad thing.

Michael is is not only the King. But to me, he looks like someone that lives in another world, which could be a virtual world, or in our illusion. I never see him as a ordinary human being just like us. He is the superpower, whom we can never get in touch. I really felt so when I heard the story one of the commentators told us about. He said he was asked by a Japanese girl if he has touched Michael. She shook hands with the commentator and she fainted. He is such a special figure.

Anyway, his demise in this time is not a bad thing. They say Michael looked so frail and he wouldn't have another chance for come back. If we saw Micheal in a terrible conditions, a lot of people would feel discouraged. Michael shouldn't be old. He must be the King, and an innocent boy who forever loves singing and dancing.

His sudden death slip back all the images of his glorious moments into a fantasy world.


Molly said...

Hi Mio, I too was saddened by Michael Jackson's death. He seemed very, very troubled for a very long time and I hope now he is at peace. I choose to remember him as the cute youngster of 12, when he still seemed happy and joyful.

mio_bella said...

You're very right, Molly.

Voice of young Michael captivated people around the world. We've seen many a child singer but most of them disappear as they grow older. Michael is totally different. It seems like that talented young boy has become completely different figure.

As you said, I really hope he is in heavenly peace.