Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been a long time since I blogged last time

Are there still visitors to this place?? Anyway, I came back to my own place for the first time n a very very long time.

I have been extremely busy with my work recently. I do enjoy watching the show but cannot spare enough time to keep up blogging. However, writing about the show is one of the best way to enhance my English and the lack of it made me realize how my English ability has been deteriorating these days. I think it's high time I started again.

Even so ...

Maybe I'll write about Pakistan, Burma or kayaking tomorrow.

I at least posted the commercial for CNN Heroes. Anderson sounds so soft and pays respect to all the possible CNN heroes.


andyargentina said...

Hi Mio!!! I kep your blog in my google reader i knew that you wold not desapear because you are one of the biggest fan of Anderson. It was a very nice sorprice found your post ... you are back!!!.
In my case it is a great experience to practice english with you and your friends. I hope you can blogger more frecuent.
Plese, blog back soon.
Take care


mio_bella said...


Thank you for your quick reply! I wasn't so sure there'd be somebody who would notice me. And you did! I'm so glad! I hope to blog more often and let's keep in touch :)