Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smile, please!

To be honest, I haven't been able to even watch 360 these days. I am kind of stressed out. But seeing my favorite anchor really helps me feel relaxed. Seeing his smile makes me smile:)

As I said, I haven't checked out the show for the past few days, I want to ask you this. Japanese "Prime Minister," which I never want to call him this way, visited White House and had a talk with President Obama. He is the first leader to visit White House. But how many of you know this? In my opinion, I didn't like his visit. There are several reasons.
1) The U.S. invited him just before State of the Union. It looks like that America showed respect to Japan, and actually, we thought that we are highly welcomed. However, media wouldn't focus on it as much as Obama's speech. In the end, his visit didn't make a big news.
2) I don't like current happened-to-be PM. I never think he is fit for the job and he is a national embarrassment. According to one survey, his supporting rate is less than 10%. The Washington should know that he wouldn't last long. (Actually, when Hillary came, she even had a talk with the leader of the opposition party.) While our leader just enjoyed being there, the U.S. succeeded in asking a helping hand when needed.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone here about this? Floored. I'm totally for this. It's in his blood.