Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I basically liked Monday show a lot. It covered a wide range of topics, not only American politics and economics but octuplets, Michael Phelps, Michel Obama and so on.


I agree that Phelps did such a blunder. But I don't blame him at all. Everybody in the world expects to see him as a perfect man. But he is just a young boy, too crazy and too strict about training himself. He sometimes needs a break. He was talked into smoking a pipe and he did it just out of his curiosity, right? This is minor mistake compared to his extraordinary achievement as a swimmer. I understand some companies are angry about him but to me, it seems they are seeing him as brand image. He is a swimmer that everybody in the world should admire.


I'm about to make a complaint about "THE SHOT" on that day, but the picture above looks sooo cooooool:)
Anyway, I liked to see Anderson and Erica giggling about the porn in the midst of the football game. But I don't think it is a right thing for CNN to do. Some crazy guy might have done it intentionally or somebody inside the cable TV network might have made a silly mistake. But in any way, it is something the cable network are greatly regretful about. Talking the issue is either giving pleasures to the nut or insulting the TV company. Other companies should just ignore such a blunder although it is crucial for the cable company to take it serious and apologize.

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