Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've always wanted to have triplets. I cannot think of any particular reasons but I once had a dream of having twins and I got really disappointed because I needed one more. This might have reflected my desire hidden deep in my mind. I often heard how difficult it is to raise twins. It's easy to assume it would be even harder to raise triplets. However, I cannot imagine what it is like to bring up octuplet along with 6 other children without a husband.

At first, I was amazed and happy to hear about the news. But there seem a lot of problems concerning this medical treatment. (1) Screening failure; she isn't fit to bear octuplet for psychological, financial reasons etc. (2) Malpractice; too risky and babies may have had a good chance of some kind of disability. (3) Cost; raising kids cost huge amount of money. (4) No regulation for fertility treatment. Anderson pointed out how media report on this news, which I thought is a really important issue.

This is what I used to like doing for this blog. Taking pictures of cute, smiling Anderson! Now I can seldom do this due to that open caption CNNj offers. Anyway, He showed this beautiful smile before they added caption and I succcessfuly get this one.


Molly said...

Oh Mio, I love your new sparkly headline!!

And now I'm curious as to why you dreamed of having twins when you wanted triplets.

mio_bella said...

I'm glad you like this new headline:)

As for dreaming, I might have written in a better way. I had a dream when I was sleeping. In that dream, I had twins and wasn't satisfied about it because I was "deaming" about having triplets. Does this make sense??

Sometimes it is still difficult for me to make myself understood in English. I should keep writing.