Thursday, January 08, 2009

Adorable Puppidential Candidate

I couldn't believe this but I haven't checked out my favorite program for a few days. Our school had a special seminar and had to work from 7:30 to 19:00 every day. By the time I got home, I didn't have enough energy left to even watch an one-hour show. So when I saw today's show, Anderson looked even more beautiful than I last saw him.

Too bad I couldn't have any pictures of Andergiggles. Everytime he showed adorable smiles, caption blocked some part of his beautiful face....


I agree some part of their belief. Drugs subscribed by doctors are not always good. Personally, I don't like relying on medicines. Especially, drugs doctors gives us are stronger than those sold at drug stores. But sometimes we do need ones. Why can't they be flexible? When you believe something blindlly, you might miss something important.

Pupidential Debate

How funny! Anderson tries to look as serious as the real presidential debate!

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