Thursday, December 04, 2008

( This light blue tie really makes him even more beautiful, doesn't it? Yay!)

This time, automakers' CEOs drives their cars. However, I find a picture of them reluctantly using their cars so boring. They are kind of forced to drive and apparently uncomfortable in their products.

I can understand taxpayers disliking the bail out. But they cannot stable the economy without helping them, right?

Being a chef at White House

Becoming the president of the United States seems like becoming a King of a country and he or she deserves to have the best food in the country. If the throne is succeeded to descendants, their favorite tastes wouldn't change so dramatically. Also, nowadays any kind of food is available in America, so it must be a hard work to tuning into new family members. I thought I heard of the news of the woman 1st chef quite recently, but that was 3 years ago. Time does fly.

Planet in Peril 2

I cannot wait to see the show next week! We are seeing commercials more and more often and I am getting excited. I have a plan to use this series in my English classes so I cannot miss every single moment. Music Video
After AC360, I happened to see a music video by Whenever I see him, I am reminded of his hologram. In the video, I do see him talk with Anderson on that election night! Even though I saw Anderson for only a moment, I got so happy to see him unexpectedly.
Here's the video; "It's A New Day"


Anonymous said...

well I am back,thanks to the health care system that basically sucks,I spend a whole day and night in hospital,ONLY to be told I had to go home and come back again for the tests!

As I said,the health care system is a shambles.

Joanne told me she wrote you, I saw her comment posted...sorry I did not give her your email instead of doing it here.

I will write you and tell you all about my 2 month wait for these stupid tests,I have been going like this since before I finished work in mid September.

Oh,and I can understand why you now have your comments moderated here.

Emails and idiotic people should be moderated too.

There was a ''person'' who wrote ME practically demanding proof I was actually in hospital,and NOT believing my brother was visting, nor ANYTHING else I ever wrote to her!

Maybe she needs proof,I am sure my brother would come to the phone if she needed THAT,or a slip from the ER might suffice?

Honestly,people are stupid,and believe only what suits THEM,then they twist it all around so that it is YOUR fault,and YOU are the one telling the lies!


Who needs people like that?

They are all alike.

I am glad you are updating here again,Mio.

I will email you soon.Bye.Anne

mio_bella said...


I'm glad you are back!

It seems you've got someone annoying you. On the Internet, wherever you go and however nice place it might be, there are ones who says bad things. Sometimes, conflicts come from misunderstanding. We're only communicating with written words. (Especially, I'm not an English-speaking person and I've lived in Japan all through my life. There may be some cultural differences.)

Personally, I want to believe all Anderson Cooper fans are warm-hearted and intelligent people who admire Anderson, who has such a personality.

Anonymous said...


That person is right.
I too,would like to believe that all Anderson fans are nice,but they are not.
Some of them can turn on a dime-nasty, and vicious and very ugly!
They only PRETEND.
I have been all but banished for expressing my opinions about the show on certain sites that were supposed to be fair.So much so that I gave up. Who needs that?
Those people are not worth it at all.I refuse to let them bother me or get to me,and they are not worth stressing over in the least.
I do not need that,and I have much better things to do with my time,it is not worth it,and neither are they.
I feel I am simply stating facts,regarding the down turn of the program lately,as well as Anderson's seemingly lack of wanting to even be there some nights,his never going anywhere anymore to do field reporting,and the live blog fiasco.
Instead of being fair,the 'regulars' there practically pounced.
So much for voicing your opinions freely.
It does not happen,no matter how much you want to believe it, Mio,especially where Anderson Cooper is concerned.

God help you if you say something out of sorts about him or criticize him,or do not fall in line with the ''gang''.
Or,you cannot even mention Erica Hill without starting a tirade!