Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Swimming Costumes

I'm pretty happy about today's 360, with a wide variety of topics.

Bonus Outrage

I was appauled to see some executives receiving big bonus even in this quagmire. I thought "Well, this is America, a country with the biggest economic power!" I've often heard a lot of cases where people get incredible amount of money. But apparently, this is not a right moment to get such a big bonus.

I just met one of my best friends the other day. Her husband is selling used car and he is selling less and less these days. She said he received no bonus this time. I really felt sorry for her. The failure of the Big 3 affects the bottom line the fastest.


I've heard a similar story a few years ago. It garnered popularity among Korean college students to cell their eggs for money. I remember I did get surprised but this time, I got even more surprised. I don't mean to offend people from Korea, but Korea is economically far behind the United States. It cannot be helped for poor but smart students to make money by giving something that is wasted every month. But this is happening in America, after a few years? What might this mean to the situation there?


I never wanted to see dogs fighting. Finally, many of those dogs had a second chance to live peacefully. Looking at the pictures of all dogs living with their new family, I am so relieved to hear about that. I don't like the idea of euthanizing them. Some people believe they should not spend too much time and money in order to rehabilitate those dogs and that they should rescue even more needy doggies. But I don't think so. An inresponsible human treated them in a inhumane manner and those dogs are victims. We should do anything we can think of to compensate.


I love this!

Yeah, he, too, is wearing a swimming costume


pebbles said...

I enjoyed last night's 360. I was quite surprised that Anderson was on his anchor chair. But it made me feel good. When they showed ED Henry in Hawaii with people in bathing suits at the background, I had an inkling AC was going to say something about it. And he did. And AC did a lot better on the next segment when he had the camera man zoom out so people can see Ed wearing his board shorts. LOL! They all had a good laugh, especially Joe and David.

mio_bella said...

Hey pebbles,

Yeah, David was so cute when he saw Ed Henry in that bathing suit. He looked and sounded so boyish, didn't he.

Since some beautiful comedianne ( I forgot her name) confessed her love of David, he is getting more and more attractive, isn't he? Is that just because I see him that way? What do you think??

Anonymous said...

Mio,I got your card,thank you.

I sent you a long email awhile ago,I am not sure if you got it,I have not been online much, my email is screwed up,nor have I been been here at home much.I have been staying close to the city for the past few weeks, back and forth,with relatives,nearer the hospital.

My friend has been taking care of some stuff for me and sis at home.

I hope everything is well with you.



Anonymous said...

I was just browsing through some of the comments on previous postings here.

I agree with the people who said about some of the 'so called' Anderson fans,because they are certainly NOT all nice,they can be some of the most hurtful creatures ever.
ONE person in particular practically went down a commentors throat back on another post here,calling them PSYCHO!
Geez,what is their problem,that person was simply stating the truth.
Well that person has every right to be uspet at the heartless ''things'' who SAY they are Anderson fans,but do not know the meaning of the word!
How dare THEY or anyone else critcize that commentor,or anyone for that matter.
Get your facts right.
Could you people BE any more cruel?

How many of THEM just wait to plan a trip to where ever Anderson may be,like a ''hunting trip'' for his appearances??
Yet they can do no wrong,it seems.Wow,it must be wonderful to be that perfect!

The lot of them that do this are nothing but hypocrites,and should keep their mouths shut,before daring to call that commentor a psycho,or coming back on anyone at all.

THEY are the ones that are the problem,not that commentor,or any of the other commentors who simply tell what those lot are REALLY made of.
Do they all think Anderson's security people do not see their return trips to see him,over and over again?The CNN and security people are NOT stupid,but these so called fans are,if they think no one notices THEM,and their antics.

Go look at yourselves,folks,before having the nerve to say anything to others!

No wonder people post anonymously around those places,having to put up with that lot would drive anyone away, but I have found,they are not worth the trouble,anyhow.
That is why I do not bother to try to comment anywhere,why give them the satisfaction of insulting you?
That is all they want to do,so I would not satisfy them by bothering.
Those are my views on 'fans',and if they were real fans,they would not be so quick to judge,or be so hypocritical-gee,talk about the 'pot calling the kettle black', as they say,hey?
I am glad that SOME of these Anderson sites in particular are no longer around,also.
Some of the moderators of those were the worst of all,and for those same moderators,who had public blogs devoted to Mr.Cooper,to dare come down on anyone else, or insult or criticize,is indeed pure hyprocrisy,and nothing but heartless.
As they say,I suppose,the truth does indeed hurt,but I doubt those
Ander 'buddies' would know it anyway.