Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Frugal CEO

This time, the CEOs of big 3 finally decided not to use their private jets but they actually drive eco-friendly cars. Yeah. They become thrifty. Talking of thrifty CEOs, I would like to introduce this video. This is about a frugal CEO in Japan's biggest airline company. I'd known how he is restructuring his company when I actually watched this video a month ago. But now that American companies are in such a quagmire, I hear this CEO is admired greatly these days.

I think he is good but don't think he is someone special. It is true that there are many greedy CEOs in Japan, but he is just one of the typical (?)CEOs with common sense.

Possible attack by biological weapons or nuclear weapons

I get really scared when I think about nuclear weapons. We were educated to hate them. Since childhood, I've always been afraid of them. The other day, I was watching a history program for elementary school students. They are still teaching about the inferno after the bomb was dropped. In certain period, people complain about showing those images to young children. But I think it necessary for people to understand how terrible wars are. I hate it when they are talking about wars nuclear weapons casually (not in this program, but in general).

By the way, did you check out this video? You can also download podcast!


joanne said...


I am a neighbor and friend of Anne.

I am not sure if Anne sends comments here much,but she mentioned she used to keep in touch with you from time to time,Mio.

There were only a couple of sites AND 2 people she wanted me to contact,however,she did not leave me YOUR email, just this site name.I would have preferred email.

I just wanted you to know,Anne had to go to hospital last night,well early this morning.

She has not been well for some time now.

Please keep her in your thoughts,I am sure,if she is able to again soon,she will write you.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is there a podcast called CNN HEROES?

mio_bella said...

Thank you for letting me know that. Please tell her that I'm praying for the speedy recovery of her and that I'll be sending a Christmas card.

Anonymous person,
There's one called CNN HEROES(
But if you go to INSIDE CNN, you can behind the scene of this event. Anderson's interview is only ten seconds or so, though.

Joanne said...


that is really sweet,thank you,and I will tell her.It should cheer her up a lot.

mio_bella said...

It is really nice talking to you. Anne is one of my important friends here.