Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Swimming Costumes

I'm pretty happy about today's 360, with a wide variety of topics.

Bonus Outrage

I was appauled to see some executives receiving big bonus even in this quagmire. I thought "Well, this is America, a country with the biggest economic power!" I've often heard a lot of cases where people get incredible amount of money. But apparently, this is not a right moment to get such a big bonus.

I just met one of my best friends the other day. Her husband is selling used car and he is selling less and less these days. She said he received no bonus this time. I really felt sorry for her. The failure of the Big 3 affects the bottom line the fastest.


I've heard a similar story a few years ago. It garnered popularity among Korean college students to cell their eggs for money. I remember I did get surprised but this time, I got even more surprised. I don't mean to offend people from Korea, but Korea is economically far behind the United States. It cannot be helped for poor but smart students to make money by giving something that is wasted every month. But this is happening in America, after a few years? What might this mean to the situation there?


I never wanted to see dogs fighting. Finally, many of those dogs had a second chance to live peacefully. Looking at the pictures of all dogs living with their new family, I am so relieved to hear about that. I don't like the idea of euthanizing them. Some people believe they should not spend too much time and money in order to rehabilitate those dogs and that they should rescue even more needy doggies. But I don't think so. An inresponsible human treated them in a inhumane manner and those dogs are victims. We should do anything we can think of to compensate.


I love this!

Yeah, he, too, is wearing a swimming costume

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Planet in Peril and so on...

Planet in Peril documentary was full of horrifying images. I was really scared by how terrible human beings can be. As a Japanese, fin soup is so common for us. Many of us get excited about eating shark fin. We must stop eating and people should know what is happening to get them and how shark-fin eaters are seen by the rest of the world.

Anyway, I don't have much time to think and write everything I want. I'll have Christmas break in a week. I don't have any plans for it, so I'll make another project for my classes using this documentary. I'll share my thought then.

Speaking of PIP, how many kinds of commercial does it have? But above all, I like this one! You can easily tell the reason why.

Anderson seemed to be in a good mood today, didn't he? He showed his match against Phelps almost every time before commercial break so that viewers wouldn't change the dial.

I love it when he said, "this is actually Wolf Blitzer's body," when shown this picture of Anderson wearing speedo bathing suit. He is so cute!

By the way, I see some comments by vexed readers. I might not approve those comments, but I did. We need to know there are some people who are irritated by other ACfans' words. They need some places to raise their voices.

They are constantly trying to convince me that not all Anderson fans are nice, which I find a nasty thing to say. How might Anderson feel? I believe we are all nice people, or we should be. We all watch Anderson's passionate reports from remote areas where people are struggling to live, which make us eager to help them, stories of selfless people who help those in need, and discussion with variety of view points. As for me, in order to understand what Anderson is telling us about, I need to study the background, histories, and in my case English. When I see reports, I think of how I should react. Since I started watching AC360, I think I've changed a lot. How can one be uneducated and cold-hearted when he/she is attracted to such a remarkable journalist?

I do get annoyed by some people who dislike me but I try not to think about them. I want to keep blogging to have fun, not to be disturbed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Something seems to be wrong with my PC these days and I cannot watch TV with my PC today. I quickly turned my eye on TV when 360 was broad casted (half a day ago) and they were talking about Oprah's having to lose weight not to be thin but to be strong and healthy. I wanted to see that segment, but podcast doesn't include that part. Every time I see report on obesity, I always say to myself that I'll lose my weight, which I never put into practice. Whether or not I see that segment, I know I wouldn't. What's the best way to lose weight? Maybe keeping sweets away within my eyesight must be one thing. Currently, I have a strong craving for chocolate, after having some potato chips at 1:00am.

I cannot wait to see Planet in Peril documentary. Today, they showed elephant hunting report. It is really disturbing. They are killed only for their tusks. They are made into gorgeous ornaments or accessories. But there is one thing product that I am really familiar with. Piano. Tusk is not used in my piano, fortunately (or unfortunately?). But white keys of nicer ones are covered with ivory. I often played such piano. It feels so smooth and absorbs sweat from finger, so it is so dry even after hours of practice. (Does this sound not clean? Actually the keys of old pianos are usually yellow or brown.) I admit I'd always loved ivory-covered piano. But since then, I was wondering how many elephant's tusks are needed to make pianos all over the word. I thought all those ivory was removed from dead elephants but maybe this is not true. I suddenly feel so guilty for my love for ivory keys. I might feel even more guilty if my family were rich enough to buy an expensive piano and I had one.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

( This light blue tie really makes him even more beautiful, doesn't it? Yay!)

This time, automakers' CEOs drives their cars. However, I find a picture of them reluctantly using their cars so boring. They are kind of forced to drive and apparently uncomfortable in their products.

I can understand taxpayers disliking the bail out. But they cannot stable the economy without helping them, right?

Being a chef at White House

Becoming the president of the United States seems like becoming a King of a country and he or she deserves to have the best food in the country. If the throne is succeeded to descendants, their favorite tastes wouldn't change so dramatically. Also, nowadays any kind of food is available in America, so it must be a hard work to tuning into new family members. I thought I heard of the news of the woman 1st chef quite recently, but that was 3 years ago. Time does fly.

Planet in Peril 2

I cannot wait to see the show next week! We are seeing commercials more and more often and I am getting excited. I have a plan to use this series in my English classes so I cannot miss every single moment.

will.i.am Music Video
After AC360, I happened to see a music video by will.i.am. Whenever I see him, I am reminded of his hologram. In the video, I do see him talk with Anderson on that election night! Even though I saw Anderson for only a moment, I got so happy to see him unexpectedly.
Here's the video; will.i.am "It's A New Day"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Frugal CEO

This time, the CEOs of big 3 finally decided not to use their private jets but they actually drive eco-friendly cars. Yeah. They become thrifty. Talking of thrifty CEOs, I would like to introduce this video. This is about a frugal CEO in Japan's biggest airline company. I'd known how he is restructuring his company when I actually watched this video a month ago. But now that American companies are in such a quagmire, I hear this CEO is admired greatly these days.

I think he is good but don't think he is someone special. It is true that there are many greedy CEOs in Japan, but he is just one of the typical (?)CEOs with common sense.

Possible attack by biological weapons or nuclear weapons

I get really scared when I think about nuclear weapons. We were educated to hate them. Since childhood, I've always been afraid of them. The other day, I was watching a history program for elementary school students. They are still teaching about the inferno after the bomb was dropped. In certain period, people complain about showing those images to young children. But I think it necessary for people to understand how terrible wars are. I hate it when they are talking about wars nuclear weapons casually (not in this program, but in general).

By the way, did you check out this video? You can also download podcast!