Thursday, November 20, 2008

Common Sense

Somehow, I haven't been able to record TV program recently and I turned to podcast. Hmm, the picture seems somewhat strange. Anderson's face is a little bit wide, don't you think?
What is "common sense"? CEOs of the companies on the verge of bankruptcy owning a private jet is morally wrong? Probably yes, from a normal person's point of view. But when asking the same question to hyper-paid, super-super busy business workers, it might be a "common sense" to travel by their own jet not because of "security reason" but because of operating their super busy schedule. When they are making far more money than maintaining a jet, isn't it all right for those people?
To me, there seem to be too many overpaid people in America. I forgot the actual number and which company, but I heard every year, one CEO earns more money than Vietnam's GDP. That's just too much. We cannot expect him/her to have the same "common sense" that we consider.
Incidentally, Japanese Prime Minister is being criticized because of his lack of "common sense." Such as his using expensive restaurants, not knowing how much certain food cost etc... He even said "Doctors are the group of people who lack common sense." (In my opinion, he also lacks one.) Every time I saw Japanese news program, I find another blunder by PM.

I liked THE SHOT. A man's obsession makes him have John King's photo on his iphone. How many of you have AC pictures on your cell phone or PC?


Peter said...

It's true. I don't know why CNN has that tendency to squash its pictures; I guess to make them look like wide screen pictures. Go figure. But I can return them to their (more or less) normal size by stretching them upwards. Click (or copy and paste) this link to see this picture in a better x to y ratio:

mio_bella said...

I'm so happy to see you again! I checked out your site and find you full of pep. You hasn't lost your enthusiasm, which made me smile :)