Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I cannot wait to see CNN Heroes. Of course, we'll be seeing incredibly selfless people all around the world and I'm sure I'll be impressed and encouraged. What's more, I learned that two of my favorite artists will join ( or already joined?) this event. Christina Aguilera will sing my all time favorite song Beautiful, and Alicia Keys! I like her by far the best! She will sing "Superwoman" and I think that's the perfect song for the opportunity. I checked out to see if more is written on her website and read "Larry King Live! Heroes Special (CBS)" Is she on LKL? Is that on CBS?


madona said...

i just watched it here in germany
was truly inspiring
and as anderson put it, certainly 'humbling'
it's so great to see people who care and are ready to help without a second thought :)
christmas wishes from germany ^^

mio_bella said...

Thank you for leaving comment here! They are selfless persons and it is really worth while supporting them. I'm teaching English in Japan and anything that's been written or spoken can be my teaching material. I'll use some clips for my lessons. I'm sure my students will be inspired.

Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year from Japan.