Thursday, November 06, 2008


One night after that exciting moment, everybody seems to have calmed themselves down and started to realize what a great victory it is for American history. Of course, everybody had already been thrilled just by a thought of having a black president way before he was elected. But when that dream actually came true, they are not only excited but really proud of their decision.

I don't remember when Obama mentioned this lady, but I do remember his talking about this 104-year-old lady. She is a witness of many historic event and this must be one of the biggest event for her considering the fact that she did experience being segregated because of the color of her skin. She might be one of the black people who has always shared Martin Luther King Jr's dream. As many people say, his dream finally came true.
I don't know if Empire State Building shows the color of the winner every time. This is such a cute idea.

By the way, this is nothing new but doesn't Anderson look so sexy with his purple tie last night?? Yeah, I know you all will say he looks sexy all the time and I agree to that!


anne said...

Yes,Mio,our Andy looks good no matter WHAT color tie!LOL

To be honest,there was ONE I do not like much,that green one!LOL

mio said...

Everybody dislikes that green one! That's just a tie, but somehow, it doesn't really suit him.