Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I haven't updated this place for the past few days, but I never fail to check out the show and the podcast.

As a part of promoting CNN HEROES, Anderson is telling his HERO. Before that segment was broadcasted, Soldad said he would tell about her later and during the commercial break, I was wondering who that would be. As I expected, his HERO was Angela, whom Anderson interviewed when he went to Congo 2 years ago. He often mentions her and her interview seemed to have a great impact on his career as well.

On Monday, we saw a video of monkey waiter from Japan. According to the shop owner, the monkey learned his work by himself, watching his master work.

Last week, they showed funny Beyonce's dance videos. In Japan, there's a comedian called "Japanese Beyonce." When I heard that nickname, I didn't know how she looked like. I imagined she should be extremely beautiful but she turned out to be ... like this.

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