Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Michael Phelps VS Anderson Cooper


I cannot wait to see CNN Heroes. Of course, we'll be seeing incredibly selfless people all around the world and I'm sure I'll be impressed and encouraged. What's more, I learned that two of my favorite artists will join ( or already joined?) this event. Christina Aguilera will sing my all time favorite song Beautiful, and Alicia Keys! I like her by far the best! She will sing "Superwoman" and I think that's the perfect song for the opportunity. I checked out to see if more is written on her website and read "Larry King Live! Heroes Special (CBS)" Is she on LKL? Is that on CBS?


I haven't updated this place for the past few days, but I never fail to check out the show and the podcast.

As a part of promoting CNN HEROES, Anderson is telling his HERO. Before that segment was broadcasted, Soldad said he would tell about her later and during the commercial break, I was wondering who that would be. As I expected, his HERO was Angela, whom Anderson interviewed when he went to Congo 2 years ago. He often mentions her and her interview seemed to have a great impact on his career as well.

On Monday, we saw a video of monkey waiter from Japan. According to the shop owner, the monkey learned his work by himself, watching his master work.

Last week, they showed funny Beyonce's dance videos. In Japan, there's a comedian called "Japanese Beyonce." When I heard that nickname, I didn't know how she looked like. I imagined she should be extremely beautiful but she turned out to be ... like this.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Common Sense

Somehow, I haven't been able to record TV program recently and I turned to podcast. Hmm, the picture seems somewhat strange. Anderson's face is a little bit wide, don't you think?
What is "common sense"? CEOs of the companies on the verge of bankruptcy owning a private jet is morally wrong? Probably yes, from a normal person's point of view. But when asking the same question to hyper-paid, super-super busy business workers, it might be a "common sense" to travel by their own jet not because of "security reason" but because of operating their super busy schedule. When they are making far more money than maintaining a jet, isn't it all right for those people?
To me, there seem to be too many overpaid people in America. I forgot the actual number and which company, but I heard every year, one CEO earns more money than Vietnam's GDP. That's just too much. We cannot expect him/her to have the same "common sense" that we consider.
Incidentally, Japanese Prime Minister is being criticized because of his lack of "common sense." Such as his using expensive restaurants, not knowing how much certain food cost etc... He even said "Doctors are the group of people who lack common sense." (In my opinion, he also lacks one.) Every time I saw Japanese news program, I find another blunder by PM.

I liked THE SHOT. A man's obsession makes him have John King's photo on his iphone. How many of you have AC pictures on your cell phone or PC?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama - Clinton

I still cannot help screaming when I see Anderson appears on TV or while I was watching podcast on my way to the office. The longer I see him, the more addicted I become.

Obama may choose Hillary as Secretary of State. (He also has other guys in his mind, but, of course, I know none of them.) I think it a perfect idea. While they were competing for nomination, they had bad words to each other. During that period, I was wondering whether they could establish a good relationship. Whether they could or not does not matter, actually. They definitely have to and we should forget what they said or they did in the past. They should move on to the bright future. Therefore, I hate media showing images of bad times in the past.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hopeful Future

There seems to be a lot of hope all over America. I was watching another CNN program, I don't remember what program though, and heard somebody say that what they expect Obama is "vision" and "action" just as what Kennedy and Roosevelt did and that they also expect him to destroy chaos as Clinton did. Just listening to him, I could tell how much they expect him to change their country.

I went to Washington D.C. last spring, but it is really difficult or rather impossible for a tourist to see inside the building. Later I learned it was allowed to enter it before 9/11, which surprised me a lot.
Anyway, I learned a lot about the White House on this show. I was mesmerized by how nicely decorated it is. I like the idea that there are something that's never been changed and something that have been added by each resident.

I'm not good at economics and I have never been paying attention to the show when it turns to economic crisis. My boyfriend asked me how American people see the situation now and I couldn't answer well, about which he criticized and made fun of me! I'll paying more attention tomorrow...

Thursday, November 06, 2008


One night after that exciting moment, everybody seems to have calmed themselves down and started to realize what a great victory it is for American history. Of course, everybody had already been thrilled just by a thought of having a black president way before he was elected. But when that dream actually came true, they are not only excited but really proud of their decision.

I don't remember when Obama mentioned this lady, but I do remember his talking about this 104-year-old lady. She is a witness of many historic event and this must be one of the biggest event for her considering the fact that she did experience being segregated because of the color of her skin. She might be one of the black people who has always shared Martin Luther King Jr's dream. As many people say, his dream finally came true.
I don't know if Empire State Building shows the color of the winner every time. This is such a cute idea.

By the way, this is nothing new but doesn't Anderson look so sexy with his purple tie last night?? Yeah, I know you all will say he looks sexy all the time and I agree to that!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Thank you, American people, for this wonderful night! People all around the world got so excited about your choice.

The new president has always emphasizing the word "CHANGE." I'd say, it is Obama himself that changed in a better way. When he announced he'd run for the election campaign, he looked immature as the next president. He has always been criticized for lack of experience. Hillary would often say that they should choose the one who is more than ready on the Day 1 of her inauguration. During this long long election campaign, Obama seemed to have intensively learned enough to be ready on the Day 1.

American president is not the only one that will decide the country's policy. There should be many experts around him. The most important factor to be the leader is charisma. Obama does have one. People are mesmerized by his words, and his words have a great influence on uniting American people. As some commentator said he is not only the representative for Democrats or black people, but for people who didn't vote for him, all races, all generations, men and women... in short American.

What concerns me is how the relationship between the U.S and Japan might change. Japanese people love something new. He doesn't have to do anything so he will garner popularity. He is already super popular here, especially in a city called Obama. There are already OBAMA girls (they call themselves obama "girls," but are they really girls??) dancing hula when they heard that Obama was elected.

By the way, my post looks so boring without Anderson's picture. You need to see at least one new picture?