Thursday, October 23, 2008


It seems tides is turning to Obama now. Colin Powell's endorsement seems really powerful to him. Apparently, he doesn't like the vice presidential candidate. But is it OK to say publicly that McCain's choice for VP is a mistake? (I agree with him, too, though.)

Obama is taking a few day off to visit his seriously ill grandmother. They say it's is a good chance for McCain to dominate news articles. But I think it will certainly do good for Obama. I remember an old lady soliciting McCain to win so that they wouldn't let Obama to become their leader. There might be many old ladies like her. His visit will motivate elderly women to support a young "grand son."

Blurry pic... I couldn't take a nice photo without caption!!

Japanese TV show again! You could find hundreds of animal videos! I love this chimp! He can run an errand with a shopping list. He can even buy a train ticket and ride a train alone. Really amazing chimp.
But doesn't this infringe copyright?? Do this Japanese TV program knows that parts of their program is broad casted around the world? I'm skeptical...

OMG!! This embarrassing Maritime Self Defense CM again! But I am happy as long as Anderson is having a nice time.
Actually, I was thinking of what happened inside this organization the other day. This organization looks really funny and relaxed. However, this is navy. They are going through rigorous training. One man even died during the training, rather bullying. 15 men attacked one man in the name of training. I felt sick to my stomach when I heard this. Commercial IS funny, but this incident is a no laughing matter...

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