Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My fellow ... ?

I wrote I would try to blog every day, which turned out to be a lie... I didn't update for a few days. Hmm, too much politics for me.

I do remember Gore was likely to win the election four years ago, but at that time, I was not watching American news programs. I was pretty surprised to see the wide margin between Gore and Bush just before the election day. Anything can happen in election campaign and both candidates have good prospect at the very end.

Anything can happen in election campaign...,

speaking of which,

my coworker let me know about this clip a few days ago and I couldn't help giggling.

"Brain is the fundamental difference" between the two candidates for Presidents and VP?"

I hope I can write more about the show next time.


By the way, have you checked out this video?


pebbles said...

Hey Mio! It's been a while since I've posted. Have you seen Anderson's appearance on Regis and Kelly? The clips are posted on ATA. You can see one segment there where he tried several kinds of sushi. Towards the end he was forced to drink the sea urchin sushi LOL! I thought he wasn't going to make it. He looked so cute! Oh but he was so brave he gulped it down. Try watching it.

pebbles said...

There's also a new article about him on Elle Magazine, any Anderfan should read it. I admire him much more now.

mio_bella said...

Thanks, Pebbles!
I did check out Anderson's appearance on R&K. I always love Anderson's sub for Regis. I'll post some pictures later!

As for Elle magazine, I haven't read all the article yet, but I'll definitely read them later.