Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'll start blogging again!

I had a long time off from blogging, the reasons for which are
1) I'm not so interested in American politics,
2) due to that annoying open caption, I cannot enjoy taking nice photos of the beautiful anchor,
3) not having an access to webcam or webcast, I feel like a complete outsider,
4) I was just busy.

I am always watching 360 and as addicted to Anderson as ever, but when I am not blogging, I am paying less and less attention to the show and I realize that my English has been deteriorating. Updating this blog is the best way to improve my English skill, so I am back (or I will be back?? I'm not writing about Monday show...)

Some nice photos from Friday show.


anne said...

I thought he was so adorable trying to wink like that!LOL

Can you post the clip for that Ander wink if you have it,Mio?

andyargentina said...

Hi Mio, I wish you start to blog again!!! I miss you


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

It has been a while. Glad to hear that you are well and just have been busy.

As always, you get the best caps of Anderson. I love the ones of him winking. Looks like there is something in his eye in that last one. LOL.

mio_bella said...

He looks cute in those pictures but obviously, he sounded and looked annoyed by Palin's winks. So I took some pictures and deleted the video.

Thank you for your comment. I'll try bloging as often as I used to!

When someone winks, he/she looks cute. But seeing the very moment, he/she seems to be making a grimace, doesn't it?

I watched a report on Palin's winks evem on a Japanese TV show too. They have an expert analyze her winks; how many times, how she did etc. Japanese people do like Palin... or someone new?