Friday, October 10, 2008


Do you like Sarah Palin? People have different view about her. At least, to conservative moms, she is their role model. I like it when one of her supporters said that helping her teenage daughter's pregnant is good as a mother. This is something that a typical modern mom cannot do, right? She is attractive as a mother. She might be a role model for working women. I like her, not very much though. That's for sure. But is she really cut out for the vice president? Since she came out from nowhere, a lot of questionable things around her have been also coming out. One of my friends said, "McCain is so old and he might die after his inauguration. Then Palin would become the president of the United State!? That's a no-no."

Even during the commercial break, AC appeared! I cannot wait to see CNN heroes. I like hearing nice stories rather than politics and economic quagmire.
A nice surprise at the end of the show! Erica was talking and talking and while she was talking, she changed her outfit!? Fantastic!

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