Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't Japanese people look stupid?

I don't know the detail of the election campaign, but it almost reaches its culmination. Obama's informartial on 7 TV programs and his appearance with Bill Clinton, who not American people and people outside American consider as the greatest presidents in a decade. Their speeches are really enticing.

At first, I did not want Obama to become the president. As I often wrote, I want Hillary to be the one. I want to see a woman president. Actually I was thinking if McCain should win the election and make a blunder in his term, there would be a good chance for he to become the president! If Obama becomes the leader, he will probably have 8-year term. Obama will be a very popular president and after 8 years, Hillary will be pretty old. There won't be a chance for Hillary to succeed him.

However, during this long long campaign, Obama has acquire not only popularity but also charismatic. Had candidates gone through shorter campaign period, I don't think he wouldn't have become such a great candidate in such a short time.


RED makes girls sexy!?

(I should have taking the photo of Erica with a red scarf, but I mistakenly deleted it..)

I read this article a few days ago. It says that they asked 100 male university students if they feel women in red sexy. How valid is this research?? We all know red makes women look nice. You know, people associate sexy women with red high heels. It may be my stereotype, but I think it's quite right. I remember seeing a red shoes in one of Madonna's CD pictures. (That very shoe is exhibited in Ferragamo in Firenze. I did see it when I visited the shop.) And how about Christian Louboutin shoes? They always have red heels. Red does make woman sexy.

As for boys, is there any color that makes them sexy? For Anderson, blue makes him even sexier for his piercing blue eyes!

I know 360 celebrates Japanese strange TVs. But every time I see one, especially really stupid ones, I feel SOOO embarrassed. I am always annoyed by some stupid Japanese TV programs.
It seems these days, in Japan, lacking education and intelligence is one of the key elements to appear on TV. What bothers me even more is we see such stupid programs in prime time, not midnight cable programs.
There are many informative, creative, and really excellent ones. But all these kind of clips make Japanese people really stupid!

However, as long as I can see Anderson's smile, I'm happy too ;)


anne said...

I love it when he wears blue!

mio_bella said...

Thanks for the comment, Anne:)

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