Thursday, October 23, 2008


Like most of you here, I watched Anderson's reports from Niger. I remember the most recent one is about food for remedy. They invented peanut butter like ready-to-eat food. This product was said to be a miraculous cure for starving children. Although they know how to save starving children, they are not allowed to do that by the government, which sounds really disturbing.

Actually, I showed the 60Minutes report to my students and they were really keen on learning the situation there. After that class, I told them that I donate some money to MSF every year. Some students voluntarily gave me money so it will help save a child.
I hope I will be able to see more reports, hopefully hopeful reports.

Since the comedienne (I don't remember her name...) confessed her love to David Gergen, I am also finding him attractive. I do know how much intelligent he is and I've like the way he speaks. Then I saw DG embarrassed by her message and I caught a glimpse of a cute side of him.


Dorothy said...

I just found this site and think its great!

Has anyone read his book Dispatches from the Edge when he describes his time in Niger? It was very interesting - the whole book was.

mio_bella said...

Thanks, Dorothy!

I read his book. At that time, the situation in Niger sounds the worst. I hope lives there will be easier in the near future...

anne said...

I have a feeling that Anderson will be planning yet another trip to Niger soon.....either for 60 Minutes,or his own program.

mio_bella said...

He goes to Africa every now and then. I guess he will be working on Planet in Peril after the election. Then it's time for him to cover humanitarian crisis in Africa.

I hope him to do that for CNN as I don't have an access to CBS. I can watch it on the net, but I cannot record their programs.