Thursday, October 09, 2008

10 most wanted

Honestly, I am not interested in economics, which is beyond me. I haven't paying attention to this financial crisis. (As long as I am safe, I don't have to get informed. I fully understand how stupid I am... )

But I can understand this. People greatly affected by this crisis won't acquit the culprits. Anderson said that politicians say that now is not the time to blame culprits. However, to non politicians, that's what we want to know. How they are using our money.
AIG rewarded their hardworking agents pompously. Sounds nice until we hear that the company let them stay in a luxurious hotel spending more than $40,000,000!

I also heard that an executive of Lehman Brothers gets retirement money, which is more than a developing country's GNP! I don't remember well and my info is so obscure, but I expect 360 will cover more stories about culprits.

A really weired video from Japan again!? I didn't actually watch this news on TV, but I read on the Internet. Anderson said this naked guy is an English man, but the article I read said "a man speaking Spanish." Maybe later they found out he is an Englishman.

You might not like the picture above. Me neither. I'd rather see sweet eye-candy. However, my PC didn't work today and I couldn't record 360...

Just one picture from podcast.

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