Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't Japanese people look stupid?

I don't know the detail of the election campaign, but it almost reaches its culmination. Obama's informartial on 7 TV programs and his appearance with Bill Clinton, who not American people and people outside American consider as the greatest presidents in a decade. Their speeches are really enticing.

At first, I did not want Obama to become the president. As I often wrote, I want Hillary to be the one. I want to see a woman president. Actually I was thinking if McCain should win the election and make a blunder in his term, there would be a good chance for he to become the president! If Obama becomes the leader, he will probably have 8-year term. Obama will be a very popular president and after 8 years, Hillary will be pretty old. There won't be a chance for Hillary to succeed him.

However, during this long long campaign, Obama has acquire not only popularity but also charismatic. Had candidates gone through shorter campaign period, I don't think he wouldn't have become such a great candidate in such a short time.


RED makes girls sexy!?

(I should have taking the photo of Erica with a red scarf, but I mistakenly deleted it..)

I read this article a few days ago. It says that they asked 100 male university students if they feel women in red sexy. How valid is this research?? We all know red makes women look nice. You know, people associate sexy women with red high heels. It may be my stereotype, but I think it's quite right. I remember seeing a red shoes in one of Madonna's CD pictures. (That very shoe is exhibited in Ferragamo in Firenze. I did see it when I visited the shop.) And how about Christian Louboutin shoes? They always have red heels. Red does make woman sexy.

As for boys, is there any color that makes them sexy? For Anderson, blue makes him even sexier for his piercing blue eyes!

I know 360 celebrates Japanese strange TVs. But every time I see one, especially really stupid ones, I feel SOOO embarrassed. I am always annoyed by some stupid Japanese TV programs.
It seems these days, in Japan, lacking education and intelligence is one of the key elements to appear on TV. What bothers me even more is we see such stupid programs in prime time, not midnight cable programs.
There are many informative, creative, and really excellent ones. But all these kind of clips make Japanese people really stupid!

However, as long as I can see Anderson's smile, I'm happy too ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from the Battle

It was a nice idea MTV and CNN teaming up to report this occasion. I don't know about any person who is currently fighting oversea. But 3 out of 4 American know somebody who is on duty. It was good for me to know how American people are treating, or should treat, veterans.


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Like most of you here, I watched Anderson's reports from Niger. I remember the most recent one is about food for remedy. They invented peanut butter like ready-to-eat food. This product was said to be a miraculous cure for starving children. Although they know how to save starving children, they are not allowed to do that by the government, which sounds really disturbing.

Actually, I showed the 60Minutes report to my students and they were really keen on learning the situation there. After that class, I told them that I donate some money to MSF every year. Some students voluntarily gave me money so it will help save a child.
I hope I will be able to see more reports, hopefully hopeful reports.

Since the comedienne (I don't remember her name...) confessed her love to David Gergen, I am also finding him attractive. I do know how much intelligent he is and I've like the way he speaks. Then I saw DG embarrassed by her message and I caught a glimpse of a cute side of him.


It seems tides is turning to Obama now. Colin Powell's endorsement seems really powerful to him. Apparently, he doesn't like the vice presidential candidate. But is it OK to say publicly that McCain's choice for VP is a mistake? (I agree with him, too, though.)

Obama is taking a few day off to visit his seriously ill grandmother. They say it's is a good chance for McCain to dominate news articles. But I think it will certainly do good for Obama. I remember an old lady soliciting McCain to win so that they wouldn't let Obama to become their leader. There might be many old ladies like her. His visit will motivate elderly women to support a young "grand son."

Blurry pic... I couldn't take a nice photo without caption!!

Japanese TV show again! You could find hundreds of animal videos! I love this chimp! He can run an errand with a shopping list. He can even buy a train ticket and ride a train alone. Really amazing chimp.
But doesn't this infringe copyright?? Do this Japanese TV program knows that parts of their program is broad casted around the world? I'm skeptical...

OMG!! This embarrassing Maritime Self Defense CM again! But I am happy as long as Anderson is having a nice time.
Actually, I was thinking of what happened inside this organization the other day. This organization looks really funny and relaxed. However, this is navy. They are going through rigorous training. One man even died during the training, rather bullying. 15 men attacked one man in the name of training. I felt sick to my stomach when I heard this. Commercial IS funny, but this incident is a no laughing matter...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a picture ... and a few more


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My fellow ... ?

I wrote I would try to blog every day, which turned out to be a lie... I didn't update for a few days. Hmm, too much politics for me.

I do remember Gore was likely to win the election four years ago, but at that time, I was not watching American news programs. I was pretty surprised to see the wide margin between Gore and Bush just before the election day. Anything can happen in election campaign and both candidates have good prospect at the very end.

Anything can happen in election campaign...,

speaking of which,

my coworker let me know about this clip a few days ago and I couldn't help giggling.

"Brain is the fundamental difference" between the two candidates for Presidents and VP?"

I hope I can write more about the show next time.


By the way, have you checked out this video?

Friday, October 10, 2008


Do you like Sarah Palin? People have different view about her. At least, to conservative moms, she is their role model. I like it when one of her supporters said that helping her teenage daughter's pregnant is good as a mother. This is something that a typical modern mom cannot do, right? She is attractive as a mother. She might be a role model for working women. I like her, not very much though. That's for sure. But is she really cut out for the vice president? Since she came out from nowhere, a lot of questionable things around her have been also coming out. One of my friends said, "McCain is so old and he might die after his inauguration. Then Palin would become the president of the United State!? That's a no-no."

Even during the commercial break, AC appeared! I cannot wait to see CNN heroes. I like hearing nice stories rather than politics and economic quagmire.
A nice surprise at the end of the show! Erica was talking and talking and while she was talking, she changed her outfit!? Fantastic!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

10 most wanted

Honestly, I am not interested in economics, which is beyond me. I haven't paying attention to this financial crisis. (As long as I am safe, I don't have to get informed. I fully understand how stupid I am... )

But I can understand this. People greatly affected by this crisis won't acquit the culprits. Anderson said that politicians say that now is not the time to blame culprits. However, to non politicians, that's what we want to know. How they are using our money.
AIG rewarded their hardworking agents pompously. Sounds nice until we hear that the company let them stay in a luxurious hotel spending more than $40,000,000!

I also heard that an executive of Lehman Brothers gets retirement money, which is more than a developing country's GNP! I don't remember well and my info is so obscure, but I expect 360 will cover more stories about culprits.

A really weired video from Japan again!? I didn't actually watch this news on TV, but I read on the Internet. Anderson said this naked guy is an English man, but the article I read said "a man speaking Spanish." Maybe later they found out he is an Englishman.

You might not like the picture above. Me neither. I'd rather see sweet eye-candy. However, my PC didn't work today and I couldn't record 360...

Just one picture from podcast.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AC Official Facebook page?

I saw this article on my widget, but I couldn't find the actual article on 360 blog. Did anyone see this?? Anyway, I joined Facebook more than a year ago, but I rarely check it out. Now I became a fan officially, I might check that out more often!

I'll start blogging again!

I had a long time off from blogging, the reasons for which are
1) I'm not so interested in American politics,
2) due to that annoying open caption, I cannot enjoy taking nice photos of the beautiful anchor,
3) not having an access to webcam or webcast, I feel like a complete outsider,
4) I was just busy.

I am always watching 360 and as addicted to Anderson as ever, but when I am not blogging, I am paying less and less attention to the show and I realize that my English has been deteriorating. Updating this blog is the best way to improve my English skill, so I am back (or I will be back?? I'm not writing about Monday show...)

Some nice photos from Friday show.