Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You can tell easily that recently I am not as enthusiastic about updating this blog as before. The only reason is... caption! I cannot enjoy taking pictures. However, my enthusiasm toward Anderson never fades away! Luckily, we had two segments without captions! This is what I like to do!

I'm pretty much determined not to talk about American politics here. But I find Sarah Palin so attractive. She is bringing us something new about her almost every day. Isn't she being treated like a celebrity? Media finally seems to be getting more interested in Republican campaign. We do see a lot of news about Palin in Japanese TV too.

The other day, my mother, who is never interested in American politics, is seeing Palin's pictures on the internet. I thought she was reading something about her. But she said...

"I heard this woman's glasses is getting more and more popular! (Apparently, not the glass ceiling she mentioned when she first appear...) It is designed by a Japanese designer."

I didn't know that. Have you heard that people are interested in Palin's glasses??

Alaska is such a beautiful place. It was really disturbing to hear and see wolves hunted. I don't believe they would change the eco system. It is obvious if people intervene, it could collapse eco system.

Global warming is not caused by human? I don't think that what a person from a town surrounded by this great nature could say.

I'm curious to hear more from Palin from now on.


I remember posting the same photo before, but I noticed this video is from Japan! I see Japanese on TV behind the cat!

Sleepy dogs... How adorable!

See you later!


anne said...

Great to see you back,Mio!

Anderson is supposed to be on his way to cover Hurricane IKE, according to what they said on the 360 Buzz.

As always,thanks for the handsome Andy pics!

mio_bella said...

Anderson looks so enthusiastic about the coverage and he looks and sounds so sexy outside! (I know this is inappropriate to say such a thing though...)

Anonymous said...

personally ,
I love the last pic one
Emphasizing his blue deep eyes..
how Adorable.
Anyway thanks for all these clips!