Friday, August 01, 2008


I haven't updated this blog for two weeks! And I only posted three blogs in July! It looks like this blog is half-dead.

I have been busy with work for the past month (I only got two holidays since April!) and I rarely have time to watch 360 these days. I always turn to podcast. Looking and listening to Anderson really relieve me of my stress.

All of you Anderfans around the globe fainted to see his big smile, didn't you!? You must have watched this again and again, but you wouldn't have enough picture of the moment, eh?

Caption is hiding his rough hair! So how about some pictures from podcast?

How cute! I love the wrinkles around his eyes!

Some other pictures from Planet in Peril segment.

As a Japanese person, eating shark fin is quite common. I knew somebody had posted blog about shark a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't read carefully at that time. Now Anderson is reporting on shark, I need to know what's the problem on it.

AC360 blogs on shark

At first, I thought that each country has its own eating culture and that other people should pay respect to the culture. Actually, I went to Wikipedia both in Japanese and in English. In Japanese page, there's no negative remarks. However, in English page, there are a long controversy section. This example shows there's a wide gap between Asian countries and Western countries.

Personally, I love Shark Fin Soup. It is very healthy and taste so good. But now I know how they kill them. So inhumane, with no dignity. Just to take a tiny part of a shark, the entire body was thrown away, which I found really disgusting.

This leads to another question, is it OK for human to kill animals for food? Of course, I do eat meat, fish or other animal products. But thinking of how they were raised and how they were killed, I sometimes feel sorry for them even though I know they were born and killed to become food for human.

I also learned that if people on earth were to stop eating animals and start eating only corn, rice, all sorts of crops, or vegetables, the earth would be able to feed 9.1billions of people. Apparently, no people would be suffering from hunger.

But if all people on the earth were to stop eating animals, the entire eco system would change drastically, which would create another problem.

Hmm, if we eat too much, the eco system would change. If we stop eating animals, our lives might be in danger. What is the right thing to do?


Anonymous said...

Mio, sorry you have been so busy, but glad that you are all right. I think we were worried about you.

Thanks for the great caps from the PIP2. Can't wait to watch it.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you have updated again,Mio!

I love those pics you posted.He looks so happy!

I miss him though,so I hope he is back on Monday.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comment! I'm all right. One week to go and I'll have a long one-week vacation!

I am learning about sharks these days. I went to Discovery Channel website and I found a lot and I'll learn even more about it. Anderson makes me intelligent!

mio_bella said...

Anonymous person,
I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures I posted. I am pretty busy these days, and when Anderson is taking a long time vacation, I am happy! (What a terrible remark for other Anderfans!?)
I hope I'll be able to indulge myself in front of my TV next week.

andyargentina said...

Dear Mio I`m very happy that you are ok.
We miss you so much girl!!!!

mio_bella said...

Thank you, Andrea!
I'll try to keep in touch with you more frequently at this place:)

pebbles said...

Hey Mio, we all missed you! I'm glad you've updated your blog, it's been a long time. We all really miss Anderson but I'm pretty sure he'll be back by Monday. I don't think he's been gone for more than a week in his program. Thanks for the screencaps, he's too cute!

Anonymous said...

i never thought of it that way ,but i kinda still wanna stop eating meat i just wish they could be more human in the way the kill them or raise them to kill them

mio_bella said...

I was also missing you as you are one of the persons who constantly leave your comments here. Actually, I was wishing I could email you. I'll blog about what I experienced yesterday. Keep in touch!

Anonymous person,
In Japan, I don't see many vegetarians. People are so used to eating animal products. I recently heard about people who had strong aversion to animal products and they even refuse honey. Even though people don't kill them, but thought of making animal work for humans disgusts them.

Molly said...

Mio, even if you don't blog as much as you think you should, that's ok. We all appreciate the hard work (and resulting eye candy photos of Anderson) you put into maintaining your blog.

Refuse to eat honey because you're a vegetarian? That's really strict! Mmm, that made me crave a honey latte from S*******'s. Drool.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for visiting this blog! I know how boring it is when you click the site and find no update. I'll try to excite you with even more eye candies!