Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important To Be Cute?

Beijing Olympics: Faked Fireworks and synced songs

They didn't spend much time for this, but I find it interesting. How did the singer and her family feel when she was told she wouldn't be able to appear for the ceremony. "Girl must be cute to succeed in a society." This is what she might learn.

Well, both girls are so cute, but to us, who is cuter than our Andy!?

Everybody is watching Olympic games every day, and every country has some athletes they are proud of. Who is your hero or heroine in your country? In Japan, we are very proud of a swimmer, Kosuke Kitajima. He is a breaststroke swimmer and he is sure to get another gold medal!
I don't usually watch sports, but I love to see many games and matches. I am moved to tears whatever event I see. All athletes show us their most beautiful and strong moment. Even though our teams or athletes don't win, I admire everybody. They inspire me in every way. They let me know what it is like to be a "professional."


Judy said...

Hi Mio,
I read this story about these two girls and I couldn't believe it. The girl who really sang is just as cute as the other one and they should have given her the chance to show her talent to the world. But your right Anderson is much cuter the both of them ;-)

mio_bella said...

The fake one is getting more and more popular and I just read that she will be on a movie and get paid $90,000 for her 3-minute appearance!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of Andy. He's tooo cute! And he's seemed in a great mood lately. I wonder if there is someone thats making him this happy? Anyhow I hope it lasts!

andyargentina said...

Mio i live in a poor country where most of the sports are amateur therefore the athletes don’t receive government or private support. Football or soccer is the most important sport Leo Messi is the big star also Manu Ginovilli who is a great basketball player both are in Beijing and. I have my hope that we can win some gold medal but the competition is very tough. Congratulations! Kosuke Kitajima won another gold medal he is a great swimmer and i really liked him.

take care


pebbles said...

Hi Mio! Just want to let you know that in case you can't view the webcast during commercials, they have posted it on it's entitled "AC360 behind the scenes." I wasn't able to watch the webcast today, it wasn't working for me but I saw on the webcam Erica was talking to AC, so i missed it. I hope they post today's webcast tomorrow. I enjoyed today's program, they were having a lot of fun tonight at the end of the program, didn't they?

mio_bella said...

Messi is very famous in Japan, too! The other day, I read an English essy written by one of my student. He wrote about soccer and he believes Algentina will get the gold medal in the Olympics! Well, Japan... they lost all the games and people here are all disappointed.

Thanks for letting me know about the video! I'll watch it later!
I was pretty busy yesterday, and I haven't even watched the podcast. I'll watch it later and enjoy the fun. And I'll definitely post some pictures!