Thursday, August 28, 2008


I saw Anderson live for the first time in a long time! I'm sooo glad!

My summer school finished yesterday and I have one-week off. I was hoping to see more 360 but all this week and next week, they're having two conventions. Well, the acceptance speech today was excellent and enticing. The fact that this speech was made on the day when Martin Luther King Jr. made the famous "I have a dream" 45 years ago, make this event all the more historical. But I still do not find a reason for me to pay attention to this event. The only reason I watched was to be able to understand what they'll be talking about in 360 shows.
Anderson will be reporting from NOLA tomorrow. I cannot wait to see!


pebbles said...

I'm glad you were able to see AC Live now. I love it when he's on, he's the one who usually provides comic relief to all the seriousness in their discussions. I loved it when he teased Wolf yesterday, he was still teasing him today. I don't know if I heard it right but Anderson mentioned he will be in NOLA this coming week so, I have a feeling he won't be at the Republican National Convention, but he'll be covering NOLA, which is more dear to him. I really do hope and pray that the hurricane dissipates (which I don't think it will) and hope it veers away from NOLA or any other inhabited place.

mio_bella said...

Probably I missed the right moment when Anderson was teasing Wolf, but I caught the moment when he was talking about his, Wolf's and John' "white hair." He sometimes gives us a breath of fresh air during a long discussion.

I have a hunch that even though Anderson will be heading to NOLA, he will be back by the time the Republican convention starts. Without him, discussion might be less exciting. (Only from ACfans' point of view??) They need to broadcast what they'll be seeing and hearing under the same condition as Democratic one.

anne said...


the 360 site says that Anderson is broadcasting from NOLA tonight.

He really did tease Wolf about the band a lot,didn't he?LOL

I love his sense of humor...

I thought I read,too,that if the hurricane DOES hit,that the RNC was going to postpone their convention.

mio_bella said...

I wrote he'd be reporting "tomorrow" but that was already "tonight" to you. It's still hard to tell time difference.

I don't know where the hurricane is and will go. Watching today's 360, I'll check out how it is.