Saturday, August 30, 2008

Conventions, Sarah, NOLA and Tshirt

I was pretty much satisfied with Friday 360. Anderson looked ultrasexy in his Tshirt as usual, McCain's surprise choice was curious to me and their discussion was interesting. Also, every time Anderson reports from New Orleans, I'm getting more and more interested in the situation there.

McCain's running mate
She looks so attractive. This is what I thought at first glance. She seems to be a straightforward person. Her policy is easy to understand. She looks so strong and has many children, which means she should have a motherly love.
She is young, expected to bring us some change in American politics, and a woman, which McCain is lacking. If they chose her just because she is a woman, it is really insulting. We're learning more and more about her at the convention next week.

To international viewers, did they have time for THE SHOT? Anderson did say they'd be showing it but they ran out of time and at CNN international switched the program to World News. I searched the video on CNN website.


anne said...

there are some very moving stories over at the 360 blog,concerning various people's memories of Hurricane Katrina.

I wonder if Anderson will remain in NOLA or not,last night he made a mention that the airport may shut down on Sunday,I believe.

Plus,I believe I read that the RNC may be posponed if Gustav DOES hit.So he migh decide to stay in NOLA for some reports.I hope he stays safe,if he does.

anne said...

Anderson IS INDEED in NOLA,and there is a special 2 hour 360 tonight at 8 EST.

pebbles said...

Hi Mio! There is a video of AC on where he was almost hit by a cardboard sign. You should read all the comments on it. They're all like being a Mom to him, telling him "to be careful and put a hat or goggles on." I found myself laughing. They all seem so concerned of him, and of course we all are too. But AC knows how to take care of himself. They say he seems to be the only reporter who's calm and collected while reporting, most are so giddy and hyper. AC has been through this so many times (through disasters and wars) I think he's sort of gotten used to it already. I was even talking to myself saying "Why aren't you at least wearing a hat, or wear that hood on your head like all the other reporters are?" (while he was on air for a while on CNN Intl.) And he was really soaking wet. ATA clipped some of the videos on their website. You should see it.

pebbles said...

By the way, just want to inform you has a video entitled "behind the scenes at the dnc" AC and Wolf Blitzer are there to take us behind the scenes.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for all these comments!

I have been to Kyoto for the past few days and just came back from the trip. When I was at a hotel room, I always watched CNN so I might catch a climpse of Anderson. I only saw him a little bit but when I saw him, I got sooo excited!

I'll post some pictures of my trip later.