Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking News

Thanks to the Breaking News, I enjoyed 360 without that caption for the first time in about 4 months. Great!

John Edward having an affair seems to be a really big scandal. While I was watching this news, I was thinking about adultery.

Incidentally, I recently read "Scarlet Letter" as a part of my English lesson. We talked and talked about adultery. In the past, it was only women who had to suffer from criticism. Women who had an inappropriate relationship with an inappropriate man were severely punished. In some regions, there are still strong beliefs that women who had an affair before marriage or an affair outside her marriage should deserve death penalty. In an uncivilized society, women suffer.

But what about in a civilized society? Isn't it men, especially men with power, that suffer the most? This blunder could terminate Edward's carrier as a politician, which is equivalent to death sentence, isn't it? (Of course, he will be able to seek for another way of living.)

So what if women had an affair in a civilized society? I do know some girls who enjoys that. They seem so innocent. In Japan, there were some cases where men disclosed having an affair with a celebrity woman, or with a politician. Seeing men revealing their secret relations with an inappropriate women doesn't look so nice, and in each case, it was men that were criticized. Things are easy for women on this matter. However, as women take more power, this good balance might change again.

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