Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's really nice to see Anderson especially I'm so stressed out. Literally, I just "saw" Anderson. I haven't listened to the content yet. I am going bed with my ipod and watch podcast.

I am getting interested in sharks these day, and I recently DL some podcasts from Discovery Channel. I was expecting something academic but so far, I watched scary ones, attacking people. Some of them were soooo gross! After I watched all those scenes, I found this moment even more astonishing.

By the way, I got an email from "BLOGGED" the other day, letting me know that this blog is highly evaluated. They evaluated this blog based on (1) frequency of updates (2) relevance of content (3) site design and (4) writing style.
(1) Now I am not updating every day, but I used to update every time I saw Anderson Cooper, so this should be highly evaluated.
(2) "Addicted to Anderson Cooper." I always get so excited just to see this handsome anchor. I am write about him forever.
(3) This blog is full of beautiful Anderson's pictures. The design should be nice as subject is good.
(4) This is what made me so excited! You know, English is a foreign language to me, yet I was given this high score.
This inspired me to blog more frequently. I'll try hard!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Good for you on the good evaluation; I know that I enjoy your blog. Did you get my email last week?


mio_bella said...

Hi Sandyeggo,

I have just been thinking about you and I found your comment here! I was amazed!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find your email in my email box:( I looked for it in my spam box, but I couldn't find it...