Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everything is for Campaign

I hadn't taken any interest in the conflict over Georgia before I watched the report from the war-torn area. I thought I should know what's happening there, but the situation seemed too complicated for me to understand, and I skipped all the articles or news reports on this crisis.

So it's natural resources that Russia and other countries want? Other countries are trying to intervene to establish a close tie with a country with all those resources? Usually, citizens there are the victims. They are innocent.

What surprised me was using this situation as a "political test" for the presidential candidates. It sure is important for public to know how efficiently they would handle international affairs. But is it morally right to see this serious matter like this?

Also, John Edwards' affair seems to be reported too much. The more they talk about it, the less popularity the Democrat garner? They want to relate that affair to election campaign. I know many people would like to hear more about the affair, but it's just out of our curiosity, isn't it? And to Edwards, that must be something that has already been over. I feel sorry for him.

These are just one opinion from a girl living outside the United States. Please let it go just like we should let go that liaison.


By the way, did anyone find out what project Anderson was working on during the commercial break? We will know soon but I cannot wait to see what they will offer next!


Anderson's profile is stunningly beautiful. Too bad I cannot delete that obtrusive caption.


pebbles said...

Hi Mio! I too am intrigued on what they're up to for the webcam. Erica says on the blog we'll find out online, so I think it's webcam-related. Maybe they'll be putting in audio, I don't know. I definitely agree with you on Anderson's profile. But we can all agree Anderson looks good at any angle.

mio_bella said...

Webcam! Hmm... I still cannot see webcam. I'd be even more frustrated if webcam improved!