Saturday, August 30, 2008

Conventions, Sarah, NOLA and Tshirt

I was pretty much satisfied with Friday 360. Anderson looked ultrasexy in his Tshirt as usual, McCain's surprise choice was curious to me and their discussion was interesting. Also, every time Anderson reports from New Orleans, I'm getting more and more interested in the situation there.

McCain's running mate
She looks so attractive. This is what I thought at first glance. She seems to be a straightforward person. Her policy is easy to understand. She looks so strong and has many children, which means she should have a motherly love.
She is young, expected to bring us some change in American politics, and a woman, which McCain is lacking. If they chose her just because she is a woman, it is really insulting. We're learning more and more about her at the convention next week.

To international viewers, did they have time for THE SHOT? Anderson did say they'd be showing it but they ran out of time and at CNN international switched the program to World News. I searched the video on CNN website.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I saw Anderson live for the first time in a long time! I'm sooo glad!

My summer school finished yesterday and I have one-week off. I was hoping to see more 360 but all this week and next week, they're having two conventions. Well, the acceptance speech today was excellent and enticing. The fact that this speech was made on the day when Martin Luther King Jr. made the famous "I have a dream" 45 years ago, make this event all the more historical. But I still do not find a reason for me to pay attention to this event. The only reason I watched was to be able to understand what they'll be talking about in 360 shows.
Anderson will be reporting from NOLA tomorrow. I cannot wait to see!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Ugh... I haven't updated this blog for about a week. I don't like to say I am busy but I am. I am at work for more than 13 hours! I cannot watch the show let alone blog about it.

Fortunately, I don't have to go to work early in the morning today, and I managed to see the show on live, finding Anderson taking off from work. I'm so glad! I'm not missing much. (I am missing much news, though.)

In my last post, I wrote about the very young Chinese gymnasts. I was going to write more about that, but I didn't. And today, they were still talking about the incident, which surprised me. In Japan, we never talk about that any more. However, it is important whether or not they are entitled to the prize. I saw a lot of athletes disqualified because of small mistakes. In this case, China let disqualified athletes in the event in the first place. China is probably trying to wash out this incident and that's why we rarely see this in news programs any more.

The shot from Wednesday show was about a monkey paying a brief visit to a Tokyo subway station. The video look hilarious. It was just a tiny cute monkey that caused a havoc. The more civilized the city becomes, the more vulnerable it becomes to nature.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chinese Athletes 1

When I heard about the allegation of Chinese athletes giving false ages, I thought that America is making every tiny incident a reason to criticize China. They do look much younger than a 16-year-old girl. But at that time, Chinese athletes were said to have passports with their age over 16. I didn't actually see their performances, but they must have done their best as to win the gold medal. We should pay respect to their effort.

I remember reading a comment to the live blog. She was a 39-year-old Asian woman claiming she looks in her 20s. I had a similar experience in the US. I was asked by a 10-year-old American girl if I was 16 years old! I was over 30 at that time. Indeed, Asian girls do look younger than actual ages.

In Japan, not many comedians are highly respected. That's because most of them lack sense of humor and intelligence. In Japan, we make light of humor. So many comedians have really poor taste. Recently, we have too many comedians in Japan and people are turning to them. However, in my opinion, very few are really talented. When I see comedians in America, they are all so sophisticated.
Kathy Griffin is the best person to make Anderson giggle!

Snake in the pants! Yikes!!

Anderson and Erica did say they wouldn't do that. Of course not. Anderson is scared to death of snakes, isn't he?


Pebbles let me know about this video. I have been stuggling with my PC trying to see webcast. Still, I cannot. It's really nice to see what I've wanted to see. Thanks again, Pebbles!

AC360 Behind the scenes

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important To Be Cute?

Beijing Olympics: Faked Fireworks and synced songs

They didn't spend much time for this, but I find it interesting. How did the singer and her family feel when she was told she wouldn't be able to appear for the ceremony. "Girl must be cute to succeed in a society." This is what she might learn.

Well, both girls are so cute, but to us, who is cuter than our Andy!?

Everybody is watching Olympic games every day, and every country has some athletes they are proud of. Who is your hero or heroine in your country? In Japan, we are very proud of a swimmer, Kosuke Kitajima. He is a breaststroke swimmer and he is sure to get another gold medal!
I don't usually watch sports, but I love to see many games and matches. I am moved to tears whatever event I see. All athletes show us their most beautiful and strong moment. Even though our teams or athletes don't win, I admire everybody. They inspire me in every way. They let me know what it is like to be a "professional."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everything is for Campaign

I hadn't taken any interest in the conflict over Georgia before I watched the report from the war-torn area. I thought I should know what's happening there, but the situation seemed too complicated for me to understand, and I skipped all the articles or news reports on this crisis.

So it's natural resources that Russia and other countries want? Other countries are trying to intervene to establish a close tie with a country with all those resources? Usually, citizens there are the victims. They are innocent.

What surprised me was using this situation as a "political test" for the presidential candidates. It sure is important for public to know how efficiently they would handle international affairs. But is it morally right to see this serious matter like this?

Also, John Edwards' affair seems to be reported too much. The more they talk about it, the less popularity the Democrat garner? They want to relate that affair to election campaign. I know many people would like to hear more about the affair, but it's just out of our curiosity, isn't it? And to Edwards, that must be something that has already been over. I feel sorry for him.

These are just one opinion from a girl living outside the United States. Please let it go just like we should let go that liaison.


By the way, did anyone find out what project Anderson was working on during the commercial break? We will know soon but I cannot wait to see what they will offer next!


Anderson's profile is stunningly beautiful. Too bad I cannot delete that obtrusive caption.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking News

Thanks to the Breaking News, I enjoyed 360 without that caption for the first time in about 4 months. Great!

John Edward having an affair seems to be a really big scandal. While I was watching this news, I was thinking about adultery.

Incidentally, I recently read "Scarlet Letter" as a part of my English lesson. We talked and talked about adultery. In the past, it was only women who had to suffer from criticism. Women who had an inappropriate relationship with an inappropriate man were severely punished. In some regions, there are still strong beliefs that women who had an affair before marriage or an affair outside her marriage should deserve death penalty. In an uncivilized society, women suffer.

But what about in a civilized society? Isn't it men, especially men with power, that suffer the most? This blunder could terminate Edward's carrier as a politician, which is equivalent to death sentence, isn't it? (Of course, he will be able to seek for another way of living.)

So what if women had an affair in a civilized society? I do know some girls who enjoys that. They seem so innocent. In Japan, there were some cases where men disclosed having an affair with a celebrity woman, or with a politician. Seeing men revealing their secret relations with an inappropriate women doesn't look so nice, and in each case, it was men that were criticized. Things are easy for women on this matter. However, as women take more power, this good balance might change again.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's really nice to see Anderson especially I'm so stressed out. Literally, I just "saw" Anderson. I haven't listened to the content yet. I am going bed with my ipod and watch podcast.

I am getting interested in sharks these day, and I recently DL some podcasts from Discovery Channel. I was expecting something academic but so far, I watched scary ones, attacking people. Some of them were soooo gross! After I watched all those scenes, I found this moment even more astonishing.

By the way, I got an email from "BLOGGED" the other day, letting me know that this blog is highly evaluated. They evaluated this blog based on (1) frequency of updates (2) relevance of content (3) site design and (4) writing style.
(1) Now I am not updating every day, but I used to update every time I saw Anderson Cooper, so this should be highly evaluated.
(2) "Addicted to Anderson Cooper." I always get so excited just to see this handsome anchor. I am write about him forever.
(3) This blog is full of beautiful Anderson's pictures. The design should be nice as subject is good.
(4) This is what made me so excited! You know, English is a foreign language to me, yet I was given this high score.
This inspired me to blog more frequently. I'll try hard!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I haven't updated this blog for two weeks! And I only posted three blogs in July! It looks like this blog is half-dead.

I have been busy with work for the past month (I only got two holidays since April!) and I rarely have time to watch 360 these days. I always turn to podcast. Looking and listening to Anderson really relieve me of my stress.

All of you Anderfans around the globe fainted to see his big smile, didn't you!? You must have watched this again and again, but you wouldn't have enough picture of the moment, eh?

Caption is hiding his rough hair! So how about some pictures from podcast?

How cute! I love the wrinkles around his eyes!

Some other pictures from Planet in Peril segment.

As a Japanese person, eating shark fin is quite common. I knew somebody had posted blog about shark a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't read carefully at that time. Now Anderson is reporting on shark, I need to know what's the problem on it.

AC360 blogs on shark

At first, I thought that each country has its own eating culture and that other people should pay respect to the culture. Actually, I went to Wikipedia both in Japanese and in English. In Japanese page, there's no negative remarks. However, in English page, there are a long controversy section. This example shows there's a wide gap between Asian countries and Western countries.

Personally, I love Shark Fin Soup. It is very healthy and taste so good. But now I know how they kill them. So inhumane, with no dignity. Just to take a tiny part of a shark, the entire body was thrown away, which I found really disgusting.

This leads to another question, is it OK for human to kill animals for food? Of course, I do eat meat, fish or other animal products. But thinking of how they were raised and how they were killed, I sometimes feel sorry for them even though I know they were born and killed to become food for human.

I also learned that if people on earth were to stop eating animals and start eating only corn, rice, all sorts of crops, or vegetables, the earth would be able to feed 9.1billions of people. Apparently, no people would be suffering from hunger.

But if all people on the earth were to stop eating animals, the entire eco system would change drastically, which would create another problem.

Hmm, if we eat too much, the eco system would change. If we stop eating animals, our lives might be in danger. What is the right thing to do?