Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I cannot watch Webcam from here. Whenever I click the video, I am told I cannot watch it because of my geographic location. How about the situations in other international viewers? Can you see it on your PC??

When I was hospitalized for kidney stone last year, I was just like that. I was rolling over on chairs, moaning, looking really ugly. The instant I arrived at the hospital, they put me on the stretcher and carried me to the bed immediately and examined my body to see what was wrong.

It is unbelievable that people see her fall down from the chair, see her suffering from acute attack but still they ignored her. This is what's happening in a hospital and it's too obvious something was wrong with her. (If this happened in a subway station or in a park in NY, I'm not 100% sure I could help him/her out. If in my city, I will.)

Starbucks is closing 600 shops nationwide.
This sounds a bad news, but I guess it is a part of the CEO's strategy. May be they have come up with a way to make this coffee chain stand out. I love Starbucks' strong iced-coffee. It's getting hotter and hotter here and I cannot live without it! Despite its high price, I'll buy. In this way, I can contribute poor coffee farmers, right?

I try to walk for an hour every day, and since I started walking to my school, my feet are getting thicker and thicker! I need a Pedegg! How wonderful to get rid of all that "grated cheese" from my skin! I could make Anderson laugh by doing that!

I don't know they were the real feet and hands of those models, but if I were the model, I never want to let them show my ugly feet along with my face.


pebbles said...

Hi Mio! Just want to let you know that I get to see the web cam but it's delayed a few minutes.

I enjoyed their segment on the Ped egg, they really had a blast poking fun at it. Well, it really looks disgusting after they "shave" the skin off. Like Erica said, it looks like a cheese grater. LOL! Anderson, Erica and the 360 crew really have a great sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio!Greeting from Denmark.
I get to see the webCam,but like Pebbles with a few minutes delay.
And about people are the heppiest in the world.
I can tell you that I´m happy that my 2 kids and I are at good health.And i have good friends and a big family who helps when we need help.
Take care.
Dorte from Denmark:-)

andyargentina said...

Hi Mio!!

I get to see the webcam too, but be careful with your antivirus because in my case I have to desable it and de firewall too if I want wacht the live videos and the webcam.
All the best!