Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Selling Baby's Photos?

Is it a right thing to do?
After I watched today's 360, I brought this topic to my English class. I explained the situation in English and had some students pretend to be Angelina. Other students bombarded him/her with tons of questions. They had to answer all the questions. It doesn't matte whether it is true or not. The purpose was answering the questions as quickly as possible. In order to do that, they need to be very creative, and proficient in English. They really had a good time playing a role of this celebrity.
Anyway, I was kind of surprised how media changed toward their behavior. The last time they sold their daughter's baby, I thought people were in favor of them. "Angelina's daughter has already started raising money for the poor." "She made a good decision to protect her family from paparazzi." These were what I heard last time.
Things have changed. How come? I guess this couple is really influential to other celebrities. Many celebrities have follow suit to make money. Too many pictures of a celebrity & his/her baby have made people sick. "Oops! This person did again?" kind of thing.

Painful Miss USA
I enjoyed watching Miss USA stumbling from the stairs, Miss teen insisting people in South Africa or in Iraq be educated in the USA, but above all, I enjoyed Anderson trying to sound like dumb anchor in promoting the new 360 website. This is why I love Anderson Cooper!

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