Friday, July 04, 2008

Gas Price

I wish I were a dog, which can inherit whopping $2 million!
It sounds like she was treated badly by most of her relatives. I guess the rich woman saw everybody say and do nice things not from sincerity but because her money was what they cared the most. She may have had a lot of people around her. But she might have felt emptiness. Her dog was the only one who loved her from the bottom of her heart...

In Japan, we buy petroleum by the liter. We do see the price rise every week. Just yesterday, I saw this sign; 1L=193yen, which means $1.93. One gallon is 3.785 liter. So... one gallon for $730!? How does this sound to you?
We are the country devoid of natural resources. We cannot do anything but grin and bear it. However, I think this is the right direction to make people come to their senses. Too many people are running cars without thinking about this precious resource. This high price is making us think what we should do to pinch pennies (or yen!?) and think about how to reduce CO2 emission.

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