Monday, June 02, 2008

Mariah as a pitcher...

I am not concerned about the interview and it took me a long time to check Friday's 360. All I've seen on 360 is either about politics or polygamy. There are more important things going on around the world and I am finding it more interesting to watch other news programs these days. Of course, I never skip 360 (not so much because I want to watch the news as because I want to see Anderson!).
He looks a little bit drowsy on this picture? It's no wonder he should feel so as he had been reading his book till four in the morning! I am trying to spend more time on reading, and after reading his blog, I am trying even harder. (Reading is not my habit and it needs a bit of an effort. )

An Uncontacted Tribe

This reminded me of a ridiculous discovery of another uncontacted tribe somewhere in Pacific island, decades ago. I wasn't born, probably, or even if I was, I wasn't watching news. A government worker announced that the country had found an uncontacted tribe in a mountainous area. He entrenched the area so that nobody would enter. He asked the government to subsidize to protect their lives. Actually, he embezzled all the money. Also, the next time people tried to sneak into the area, the "uncontacted people" were wearing brand Tshirt, riding motor bike! I couldn't help laughing when I watched that!

I tried to search for the info on this, but I couldn't find the right one. Does anybody know about this news??

Anderson and Erica were so skeptical about the uncontacted tribe that was recently discovered in Amazon. I'm also skeptical.

Mariah Carey, as a pitcher!?

As I wrote before, I like Mariah Carey and I don't want Mariah to look like an idiot. She is such a talented singer. She should devote herself only on singing and creating good music.

By the way, Anderson and Erica were asking each other about who those guys are. It's too late to answer, but they are named "Giabbit." Yeah, they were helping her walk with those strange shoes with incredibly high heels. The name of the baseball team is "The Giants," and the where Hideki Matsui or Godzilla?, had belonged to before he joined the NY Yankees.

How much ugly Mariah looked, it's OK if she made Anderson smile!

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