Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 3, but negative comments from me...

American people say it was a historic night. Each primary and caucus has been really important for them. However, as an international viewer, I would be really concerned about American politics only when the next president is elected.

To be honest, I am losing my excitement in watching CNN these days, which never means I am losing interest in Anderson. I always feel ecstatic every time he appears on the screen.

I am watching more Japanese news and my biggest concern these days is World Food Crisis. I am learning how severe this problem is. Yesterday, I watched a Haitian people eating "mud cake." They don't have enough food and they made dough with mud, butter and salt, dry them, and eat. While the leaders of more than 100 countries gather together to help solve the problemin Rome, America doesn't pitch in. Seeing extravagant presidential campaigns, it seemed to me that American government is turning blind eyes on the problem.

I know fully understand how important and how exciting last night was for American people. The United States didn't join some important international conferences these days and I don't know how important it is for the international society.


andyargentina said...

Dear Mio, I agree with you. It's very sad to see people that haven't food to survive. In some regions of my country many children dead of famine like millions of others around the world.
I hope that the new American leader, Mr Obama, win the general election. I believe Senator Obama would create a foreign policy that incorporates a global worldview back into American public life.
As always, I enjoy your blog!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment. America is the biggest country and what they decide to do may have a ripple effect all over the world. The Bush administration has been rutning a blind eyes to so many problems that other countries are really concerned about.

By the way, I'm having a hard time logging in blogger! Whenever I try to see my blog, I saw a notice of failure.