Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 23 - 27 AC360 pictures

I know once I start to write about each segment that I was interested in, I would spend too much time on blogging. But I think it would be nice to share some photos that I took this week!


I am working another big project for my English school. Here's the material that I chose. Anderson's Niger report for 60 MINUTES! I am so excited when I am using his report for my classes. Working is even more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are getting upset with Anderson and 360. The shows just are not good any longer.

beaslma said...

hey Mio! Sorry it's been a while since i visited or commented, i wanted to tell you the new header at the top looks great! good job!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mio:

I was wondering,how did you put together the title and photo at the top of your site?
Is there a special program that you used to do it-like Photoshop?
I really like it!

Did you get rid of the closed captions on your tv-if so,now you get to see all of Anderson's handsome face again!

mio_bella said...

Sorry for my late reply, Marcy.

Please come here again sometimes. I hope you will see more posts -or more pictures- from this page the next time you come here. I am not updating so often as I used to because I am extremely busy these days and I am so tired after work...

Anonymous person,
Do you use blogger? My template is "Demim." I can change all the colors and header image too. So it's really easy to put picture there.

I guess there is a way to get rid of the caption, but so far, I cannot. Maybe I should change the provider of the channel? It would cost me a lot. I have to grin and bear it.