Saturday, June 14, 2008

Complaint Part... I forgot!

I have been complaining about that thing many times. I know how annoying for others to read or hear somebody complain. But I really have to today.
I hate the open caption service!
Anderson appeared for a few minutes but for me, I caught his face for only a few seconds! I mean this;

I cannot see his beautiful face at all!

Podcast should be better than that.

On Friday show, they spent most of their show on the journalist's sudden death. (I just say a "journalist." I don't remember the name. To a Japanese person, he is just "a" journalist.) Personally I am not interested in it. That's just for America people. However, I could tell how beloved he was. I loved it when Campbell and Erica were talking about their (or just her?) personal memories about him. I didn't know Campbell just gave birth to her child. She looked and sounded so soft when she was talking about it.


Anonymous said...

I really miss Anderson this week,I had no intentions of watching when he is not on,I never do,but because they promised us PIP updates,I watched,or well left the picture on and sound turned off-hoping...

I was so dpsappointed,all we got was a few minutes!

Mio,I once had closed captions come up on my tv set too,but I went into the settings on my tv remote control,and was able to get rid of them.
Do you have that on the remote for your tv?
You should be able to fix it that way.

Thanks so much for all those pics-love Anderson's muscles!!!

What happened to ACE,Peter's site?
It is closed permanently.
Did you hear from him why?

mio_bella said...

Just like you, TV was just on. I was not paying enough attention to the content itself. Usually I am working on something else.

There might be some way to turn off the caption, but so far, I cannot find it in my TV set, or PC. (I am watching TV on my PC.) I should ask some Japanese friends who have an access to CNN how is the situation on their TV.

Thanks for letting me know about Peter. I clicked his site the moment I read your comment. I was startled to read that. Peter is one of the most enthusiastic fan of Anderson Cooper. I have been thinking of emailing him, but procrastinating it. I miss him a lot, too.

Anonymous said...

Mio, if you email Peter let him know we are sorry that he closed his blog.

Is anyone else ready for Anderson to come back and be on his own show live?

Everyone have a great weekend.