Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blogger Problems etc., etc.

Somehow, I am finding it difficult to log in blogger. Now, I am posting with my Mom's PC. In order to do this, I sent the picture above to my email account so that I can post. This is pretty bothersome.

360 have been spending too much time on American politics or polygamy these days. The subjects an international viewer doesn't have much interest in. Also the ones that I shouldn't write about.

CNNj started open caption service, which I find so annoying. I cannot enjoy capturing nice Ander-moments.

I have been pretty busy with my work.

I want to stay away from PC for reading paper media.

So ...
I won't be able to post as frequently as I used to. Of course, I will write when I have what I want to. This never means I'll stop updating forever. Please visit me once in a while. You might find a new post.


Anonymous said...

I will keep checking...please do not give up on this wonderful blog! Please take care of yourself!

Judy said...

Maybe its just a temporary problem? But I'll keep checking your site as I always do.


mio_bella said...

Thanks, Beppu & Judy!

Now, I've found what went wrong and I can post my comment with no problem!

Anderson is in Rwanda and when I see him in that gray Tshirt, I screamed and screamed! Anderson in Africa! That's what I've been dying to see.