Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 23 - 27 AC360 pictures

I know once I start to write about each segment that I was interested in, I would spend too much time on blogging. But I think it would be nice to share some photos that I took this week!


I am working another big project for my English school. Here's the material that I chose. Anderson's Niger report for 60 MINUTES! I am so excited when I am using his report for my classes. Working is even more enjoyable.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Light Blue Tie

I haven't updated this place for a few days... When I am lazy on this blog, I am pretty busy with my work. But of course, I always watch the show, and I will today too!

During Larry King Show, we don't see the disturbing caption. For international viewers, we can see AC360 teaser only on Friday. And I did this!

Anderson has been wearing gray ties soooo often these days, and it's really nice to see him in the beautiful blue tie! He looks so young and cute!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pregnancy Pact

This was a curious report.
First of all, it was amazing that the pact was made among teens in a local high school could make such a big news. It was reported in Japan, too. This became a big news because it could happen anywhere in the world and because this incidence will have even greater ramification in the future.

During the discussion with an expert, she said that kids are only able to think about very short period of their life. This is what I learned when I was a student teacher. They live in NOW. What they are doing, what they are thinking is their everything. When they believe having a baby is cool, they do have one. Babies are not accessories. They have future as well as parents, I mean those high school students. Without secure jobs or financial stability, parents will have a hard time raising kids. For kids, they might not be able to get proper education from these parents. This pact is really a downer for both parents and babies. But still, babies are innocent. Bright, successful future might await them. Nothing can deprive them of happy future.

We need to hear a lot of stories from high school girls, school authorities, possible fathers, girls' parents and so on, and I'm sure CNN will have a lot of interviews on this report.

You need more Anderson's photos? Here are cute ones!

Pictures from Thursday show;

New Fan Site

This is a great Ander Fan Site! Click the picture to go to "The Anderworld"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Japan, June is one of the worst month; rainy season. It's raining so hard and even when it's not raining, it's so humid and I get soaked with sweat. This weather really deprives me of energy and I have been feeling pretty tired these days. Come to think of it, I haven't taken any single holiday since I came back from my trip to New York. More than two months! No wonder.

Watching 360 is the best way for me to feel so relaxed and excited. Last night, I didn't have time to sit back and watch the show. I was tired out and just DL podcast and watched it on my bed. I was falling asleep but at the same time, I was almost screaming to see and hear ultra-sexy anchor.

He was ultra-sexy on Wednesday, too.

Obama & Muslim women?

Two women in head scarves were asked to go back so that they wouldn't be seen on TV? They were talking a lot about this issue, but I assume they would have been talked even longer if those women were seen. Everything can generate discussion.

Heart attack

Anderson looked so serious when they were talking about causes of heart attack. With no wonder. He is so concerned about his health. High cholesterol and overweight could be deterimental to one's health.

Actually, my father was told to lose weight by his doctor and he has been spending more and more time walking with our dog. I don't know if my father lost his weight but Bella, my dog, lost her weight. She used to weigh 11kg but now 9kg! It's really hard for me to lose 2 kg

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Complaint Part... I forgot!

I have been complaining about that thing many times. I know how annoying for others to read or hear somebody complain. But I really have to today.
I hate the open caption service!
Anderson appeared for a few minutes but for me, I caught his face for only a few seconds! I mean this;

I cannot see his beautiful face at all!

Podcast should be better than that.

On Friday show, they spent most of their show on the journalist's sudden death. (I just say a "journalist." I don't remember the name. To a Japanese person, he is just "a" journalist.) Personally I am not interested in it. That's just for America people. However, I could tell how beloved he was. I loved it when Campbell and Erica were talking about their (or just her?) personal memories about him. I didn't know Campbell just gave birth to her child. She looked and sounded so soft when she was talking about it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Pictures

I cannot wait to see Anderson join the program. I just hope this breaking news won't shorten the time of his appearance.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

360 BLOG

Minor change on 360 blog. (Yeah, 360 is on now, but I am more interested in reading what Anderson is doing right now than in watching actual TV protram.)
The more convenient for us to travel around the world, the easier for a deadly disease to spread. Therefore one fatal mistake could lead to catastrpohe in many places far from the origin.

I think it a creative and courageous idea to go into the very place where HIV started. Without their report, I would never take notice of the researchers who are trying to prevent another potential pandemic.

On another note, Anderson's biceps have got burlier and burlier every time he shows them! This picture really tempted me to build up my body!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blogger Problems etc., etc.

Somehow, I am finding it difficult to log in blogger. Now, I am posting with my Mom's PC. In order to do this, I sent the picture above to my email account so that I can post. This is pretty bothersome.

360 have been spending too much time on American politics or polygamy these days. The subjects an international viewer doesn't have much interest in. Also the ones that I shouldn't write about.

CNNj started open caption service, which I find so annoying. I cannot enjoy capturing nice Ander-moments.

I have been pretty busy with my work.

I want to stay away from PC for reading paper media.

So ...
I won't be able to post as frequently as I used to. Of course, I will write when I have what I want to. This never means I'll stop updating forever. Please visit me once in a while. You might find a new post.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 3, but negative comments from me...

American people say it was a historic night. Each primary and caucus has been really important for them. However, as an international viewer, I would be really concerned about American politics only when the next president is elected.

To be honest, I am losing my excitement in watching CNN these days, which never means I am losing interest in Anderson. I always feel ecstatic every time he appears on the screen.

I am watching more Japanese news and my biggest concern these days is World Food Crisis. I am learning how severe this problem is. Yesterday, I watched a Haitian people eating "mud cake." They don't have enough food and they made dough with mud, butter and salt, dry them, and eat. While the leaders of more than 100 countries gather together to help solve the problemin Rome, America doesn't pitch in. Seeing extravagant presidential campaigns, it seemed to me that American government is turning blind eyes on the problem.

I know fully understand how important and how exciting last night was for American people. The United States didn't join some important international conferences these days and I don't know how important it is for the international society.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mariah as a pitcher...

I am not concerned about the interview and it took me a long time to check Friday's 360. All I've seen on 360 is either about politics or polygamy. There are more important things going on around the world and I am finding it more interesting to watch other news programs these days. Of course, I never skip 360 (not so much because I want to watch the news as because I want to see Anderson!).
He looks a little bit drowsy on this picture? It's no wonder he should feel so as he had been reading his book till four in the morning! I am trying to spend more time on reading, and after reading his blog, I am trying even harder. (Reading is not my habit and it needs a bit of an effort. )

An Uncontacted Tribe

This reminded me of a ridiculous discovery of another uncontacted tribe somewhere in Pacific island, decades ago. I wasn't born, probably, or even if I was, I wasn't watching news. A government worker announced that the country had found an uncontacted tribe in a mountainous area. He entrenched the area so that nobody would enter. He asked the government to subsidize to protect their lives. Actually, he embezzled all the money. Also, the next time people tried to sneak into the area, the "uncontacted people" were wearing brand Tshirt, riding motor bike! I couldn't help laughing when I watched that!

I tried to search for the info on this, but I couldn't find the right one. Does anybody know about this news??

Anderson and Erica were so skeptical about the uncontacted tribe that was recently discovered in Amazon. I'm also skeptical.

Mariah Carey, as a pitcher!?

As I wrote before, I like Mariah Carey and I don't want Mariah to look like an idiot. She is such a talented singer. She should devote herself only on singing and creating good music.

By the way, Anderson and Erica were asking each other about who those guys are. It's too late to answer, but they are named "Giabbit." Yeah, they were helping her walk with those strange shoes with incredibly high heels. The name of the baseball team is "The Giants," and the where Hideki Matsui or Godzilla?, had belonged to before he joined the NY Yankees.

How much ugly Mariah looked, it's OK if she made Anderson smile!