Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've busy with my work for a couple of days. I spent 13 hours at work and I will tomorrow as well. I have some emails to write but I am e-procrastinating. I will write to you all!

I watched Thursday 360 but didn't have time to post yummy pictures. Today, while I was at work, I noticed I had forgotten to turn on the video recorder. The first thing I did when I came back home was get 360 podcast, and I saw this! Wolf!? On 360!? I never imagine him anchoring 360.

Kristien won BEAT 360 again! Congratulations! Did Erica pronounce your name correctly this time?


Kristien said...

Hey Mio,
thanks and yes, Erica got my name completely right, lol!

mio_bella said...

Congrats again, Kristien!
Now I know how we should say call your name!